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Old 10-21-2011   #1
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something, anything!

hello forum at large. I was recently pointed in the direction of this fine mod by the want of a new star-fox game. however, i am mystified about its status and activity. seeing as usually mods try to make a point by being active on their forums and websites...

however, i have hope, as i have seen far dead-er mods out there.

here's to this one not being so!
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Old 10-21-2011   #2
Flaming Cobra
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Quote: 28 July 2011 Thursday, 2057 hrs SGT (GMT/UTC+8), #hard-light
[8:57pm] ktistai228: what happed to GameWarden>
[8:57pm] The_E: BTRL died
[8:57pm] The_E: SoL stalled
[8:57pm] The_E: Admins vanishing
[8:57pm] The_E: Bots taking over
[8:57pm] The_E: The usual
"If I have to write a research paper, do Calculus homework, complete WebAssigns for Chemistry, and read a bunch of chapters in For the Record and How the Other Half Lives, when am I going to find time to study for that exam next Tuesday?"
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Old 10-22-2011   #3
Scourge of Ages
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Well, just trust that they're working on things. Maybe not fast, probably not anything they can show, but they're working. It's a fan project, so you know it doesn't have a set schedule for work.
Have patience, for this too shall pass.

Come on you guys, join there's more awesome Freespace mods than you can shake a stick at!
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Old 10-22-2011   #4
Join Date: Oct 2011
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mmm, exactly what i wanted to hear.

the main website could use an update still.

cant wait for more stuff!
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Old 10-22-2011   #5
He is watching YOU
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Most of the projects have moved over to HLP so I don't visit here as often as I used to. But things definitely seem to be going on in the SoL internal.

And BtRL only died (assuming it has actually died!) cause we all moved over to Diaspora. We had to leave GW because no board on Earth could take the sheer distilled awesome of two BSG mods.
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