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All the armor plates can move around. The side ones have two points of articulation, while the front plates only have one. I don't know why they move, I just like huge machinery. :p The side plates will eventually cover the all the sides and alternate between being housed on the top and bottom.

The side armor plates and arms are nearly complete. The front ones need a bit more work done on them. The parts that will eventually become the main body of the ship I just started. So no complaining about how they're very undetailed. ;)

I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it looks very cool. :)

How many polies?

36444 polys so far.

wiggity wiggity wiggity.

Black Wolf:

--- Quote from: Raa ---wiggity wiggity wiggity.
--- End quote ---

[COLOuR=burlywood]wiggity wiggity What the fuck?

Ship is pretty cool actually - is that front part supposed to be some sort of debris shield? [/COLOuR]


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