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Thought I would make this thread to put the links for FS modeling tools like TS, Blender and for stuff like Modelview. If anyone knows of more post e'm. :biggrin1:

Got these form Karajorma's FAQ. So thank him. :nod:
Truespace 3.2

there is that whole descent network site with the modelview and vpview and all that good stuff, ill post it as soon as i remember where it is

Use this link for TrueSpace 3.2 instead, that one leads to a dead end.

Kazan's POF Constructor Suite


heres the site with all the tools

Thanks for fixing that and puting the right link, that one just worked the last time I used it.

Ok, here is Karajorma's FS FAQ. I still look at it better than the Half-done Wiki.New to modding, this is the place to go. :nod:  :yes:

Karajorma's FS FAQ


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