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Post your best here.... Also, if someone could help me design some new buttons for this forum it would be nice (as I just slapped these together with photoshop.)

I am going to take the liberty to post some pictures from the Robotech MOD project and all of the hard work they have done already.... (and to relieve some of the pressure inside Star Dragons briefcase)

By the way, I am working on it so that images con be displayd clearly as thumbnails in the forum. Give me a day or so. For now post your images as attachments.

ill be glad to make you some buttons, just tell me what you want. to help start this off, here is some art...

Try uploading the file David.Tripod is being a bitch.

I was thinking of changing this forum's styles to blue (same shadings and everthing but in blue) but I am flexible. Just use yout creativity and I will change the forum setting to match the buttons.

Ransom Arceihn:
Newest finished thing, couple days old now. It's the full image from my avatar.


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