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Aces High
« on: January 09, 2010, 01:04:22 PM »
I had finished uploading the Alpha version on Aces High.
It needs many improvements, post all propositions, fixes and modifications in this thread.
All of changes I'm going to make will be uploaded to this folder:
All of the files are needed.
After unpacking everything, delete "OldStyle-shp.tbm" and "OldStyle-wep.tbm", as they are outdated. contains slightly updated versions, so use those instead.
Current modpack feature a set of fighters for a faction name "United Civilized States" (UCS), which consist of both USA, Central America, South America and Canada. It's basically an expanded USA, in theory it's an union of nations similar to EU, but USA is ruling the entire union.
Modpacks for European Union (It consists of all of European countries, with the exception of ), Empire of Allah (Middle East and Africa united, though the latter was rather counquered and forced into this union), Great Eastern Asia (Japan and most of small coutries in that region, maybe with the exception of China), People's Federation of Asia (basically USSR in paper-thin disguise, China is either in GEA of there) and South Pacific Alliance (Austraila and all of those little islands around it, a minor faction using older technology) will come later.