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A Few Ground Rules
« on: December 29, 2009, 03:25:33 AM »
Hello, Axem here. I've come out of hiding from the FBI and the Illuminati to check out this board and found some disturbing things. A mess that's near impossible to make heads or tails of. My fault partly, I don't watch around here as much as I should.

Therefore let's all go through some ground rules so when I bring out the banhammer, you can't say "But you never told us that..." which is lame anyway, but I'm a nice guy. :)


Do not derail threads with a specific purpose (screenshots thread for example). If you want to discuss something new, there's a General Discussion for non-Star Fox Discussion, and the general SoL forum for Star Fox or SoL related discussion.

Do not spam your posts with nonsense. Every post should have a point. No gibberish or general spam. Try to put some good thought into what you're going to post. And no advertising. If you've got a site people might like, put it in your sig.

Do not troll (post with the intention of provoking a bad response) or directly attack people. This is a place where people come together to discuss this great mod of ours. We don't need idiots coming along and ruining it for everyone. Saying "only kidding" or saying "it was a joke" is not a valid defense. The internet is a hard place to gauge jokes or sarcasm. If it really is a joke, make sure you clearly indicate it was in the same post. But if it really is bad and hateful, that won't work either.

Do not excessively swear or discussing or posting inappropriate topics (eg: Yiff). I'm normally pretty laid back about this, but this board does attract a younger audience. So keep it clean. Star Fox was rated T, so lets keep it PG13 in here.

Do not ask for updates. Guys, we do this in our spare time. We don't work on this as soon as we come home from work or school and stay up until the middle of the night (well... sometimes...). Our spare time is divided up into real life, working on other FreeSpace mods and playing any game under the sun. We haven't forgot about you guys or the game, but we have a lot of stuff to do, not just for SoL, but for anything else that has our attention.

Do not ask where to download copyrighted material. Don't ask where to download StarFox ROMs or FreeSpace 2. Most of that stuff is available to buy legally. Used game stores, Virtual Console,, your friends.

I have probably forgotten a few things so I'll end it with...

Do not give the moderators, global moderators, or administrators an excuse to edit posts, lock threads, or ban people. If you do something you shouldn't have, we'll give you a warning. Then if you do it again, then something bad will happen.