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So, I was looking through the archived area here at GW, and apparently a couple years back, there was a group that were going to create a FPS for FreeSpace. So my question is, who likes or dislikes the idea and why, and what engine would you have it built on if you could have your choice?

I like it a lot, and I'd love to help in this project (can be even hosted at GW). I'd prefer Half-Life 2 engine the most. It has cool physics. Crysis engine would work too, it allows you to pilot spacecraft - look at bsg crysis mod.

are you talking about a first person shooter? or something else maybe?

Yes. Just like Half-Life, Far Cry, Crysis, Medal of Honor and many others, Rodo.

Personally, I heavily encourage to make a FPS FreeSpace mod with ability to fly fighters. Just a preview of what can be done using Crysis engine: (however I prefer HL2 more for this mod)

I'd love to start a new project with FreeSpace FPS using HL2. Dragonsniper, would you like to? :)

Well, I recently got HL2, and am having trouble with Hammer (it's a long learning process so I hear) but once i have it figured out I don't think it will be to hard. I've also been doing a lot of heavy reading about the FS Close-Quarters group from back in 05 and 06. I still have some reading on what their plans were, to see if I can dig out a story or some models that they were working with. I also stumbled across a website from back in '01. The guys that tried doing it then didn't get real far, but they had a lot of weapon specs and other cool stuff (here's the link for those interested in looking.)

--- Quote ---I'd love to start a new project with FreeSpace FPS using HL2. Dragonsniper, would you like to?
--- End quote ---
Yes I would like to. I would like to read on what the other group was doing, and once I have, then I'll see if MatthewPapa will either bring that project back to life, or host a new one.

Opinions and idea's are still welcome. :yes:


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