Author Topic: shiv has released a new FS2 campaign "The Apocalypse: Vega"  (Read 23773 times)


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shiv has released a new campaign. It is the prologue to his "The Apocalypse" campaign.

The Capella star has gone supernova.
Capella has been cut off from the GTVA forever...
But, the war is just about to start:
Fight as a pilot stationed on the GTD Messana in the Battle for Vega. Discover many secrets of Vega, join the battle against Shivans, and meet previously unforseen characters.

You are Lt. John Miller and your wingmate is Cap. Alexander Johnson, and together, you both have a destiny that awaits.

Check out the project website!

Release thread

Note: Make sure to check the requirements for this campaign, to enjoy it without problems.
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shiv has released a new FS2 campaign "The Apocalypse: Vega"
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Thanks for the promotion :pimp:

When you'll play guys, post some feedback. I need it before designing sequel :)
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