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Hello all,
As most of the other folks here, I'm a long time player of Freespace. I've done some simple modding off and on, mostly just mission creation etc. and a bit of table modding (ships, weapons) but that was like 4 years ago.
I recently discovered FSO and needless to say, I'm hooked all over again:)
I've done all my DL's and patches and played thru Great war and Silent Threat and am bout halfway thru my first time ever playing FS2. I have to say the improvements are outstanding and the people who have worked on this have done an excellent job thus far.
I'm interested in multiplayer and am curious what forums, people, etc I should be looking at to get involved and lend my piloting skillz:)

As of this evening, I can connect to the MP servers and am registered and fully updated.
Anyone recruiting pilots?


Particularly,63609.0.html .

The E:
Hi there, and welcome to the FS multi scene. There will be a game up tonight at 2000 BST, IIRC. Join the #hard-light channel on IRC to get the specifics.

These things looked pretty good, and some that I can learn, and I hope to learn more on it!

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