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Star Dragon:
That's all I need for now.

  I'm so pissed off ATM I'm not even reposting the pics I did over at HLP.

  I have a backlog of misc models (non-project related) I don't if they will work in FS2 or not but for a fact PCS2 does not and never did work right on my system for making cobs into POFS, I CAN work with existing pofs, but that doesnt help me right now...

  So if you are a NEW PERSON, and can make pcs2 work on your system, this is a great opportunity fro you to earn some karma/recognition in the community and my thanks...

Respond here or pm me for details...


Have you ever thought of trying a virtual machine perhaps?

Might allow you to bypass whatever troubles you're having, unless
it's hardware and not software related.

Star Dragon:
Thanks for the suggestion but after fairly recent events my fire is diminished, plus I don't mess with things that complex. Dealing with one OS is enough for me. Turns out that disabling account control (while unwise) solves a LOT of issues for other things...

Several CRPG's occupy my time these days...

So exactly what are you looking for Star Dragon? You looking for someone that knows PCS2?

Star Dragon:
Yes, I have been for a few years...

 However, after losing about 40gb of various projects and related materials, I sorta feel kicked in the nuts as far as FS2 modding goes so If your interest remains in a few months or maybe even a year or so later I'll remember you and PM you then.

Right now my Photobucket pages are the last evidence of what I had over the years and it's as painful as it is precious... I need an extended break.

Sound good?


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