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OK, this topic is the most important one at the moment;P
We need someone, who can make UV mapping, hierarchy, "PCSing";P etc.

Before you start recruiting, people need to know what your mod is about. ;)

"The NTF rebellion is nearly over. Only a few warships still think that Bosch will return to take command, and only a small handfull of fighter wings still serve the Neo-Terran Front. Now, when there are no Shivans left, it's time for GTVA to execute a final strike on the traitors in order to end this once and for all..."

I might apply for grammar checking.

I'd LOVE to accept ANYONE who'd just READ our internal and POST anything:D If you're serious, you're MOST welcome:D I need every working brain here:D

Is this project still alive and kicking? If so, what positions are you looking for?


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