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SoL Status Update
« on: October 03, 2008, 05:34:29 AM »
Hello to all voice actors!
I just wanted to post to let you know how appreciative the SoL team is of your dedication and of your willingness to provide us with your talent to make this an exceptional fan-produced MOD.

Unfortunately, progress has appeared to stagnate for the past few months, but rest assured that work is being done. SoL is a dynamic MOD based on an ever-changing game, FreeSpace 2. Unlike most game MODs, SoL has to deal with both the advantages and the disadvantages of an evolving engine. While features are constantly being added, SoL has to compensate for the addition of new capabilities with the addition of new content. It is our wish to make the experience as close to home as possible.

Furthermore, when it becomes apparent that the team cannot meet the deadlines that it set (as is often the case), sometimes we must re-evaluate our direction and propose different directives if necessary.

Because there were some shifts in focus for the first release, which I am not sure you were made aware of, a new story was created and adapted to serve as a prologue to the main campaign. You can imagine how this affects you as voice actors. The team must first settle on the specific characters, scenes, in-game chatter, etc. before beginning the voice acting process.

As you may know, sound production is often the last stage in a project. Music is often composed and recorded after content is finished, but music is at least more flexible in that it can be composed to accommodate works-in-progress. On the other hand, voice-acting production must adhere to a finalized product in order to complement the work.

I hope that you remain interested in the project, but I hope even more that when the time comes for you to make use of your talents, you will be enthusiastic.

Finally, I must admit that Real Life left little room for me to focus on the project this past summer, and school has not helped much to change that situation. Still, I'll work to push the project to meet the teams deadlines. We're looking at a Q1 '09 release here, so watch for that.


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SoL Status Update
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2008, 06:02:53 PM »
I'm on stand-by and ready to lay down some voices when the time arises!


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SoL Status Update
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2008, 09:35:20 AM »
Thanks. :)

I don't know about the other members, but I'll have a lot of free time in december, so I'll get a lot of content for SoL done.
I think we should be ready to give you guys access to the alpha early 2009, even if not all missions are done.

Might be a good to get an impression of the game, before the voice acting starts.
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