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Burning Freespace to a dvd


I recently installed FS2 on an iMac 700 (swivel screen, osx 10.4) using the Turey's java installer. Is it possible to burn the freespace folder to a DVD and erase the files from my HD, and still play properly?

I pretty certain it won't work.  Files are written to directories as you play.

On Windows. I'm not so certain about on Mac OS X. It should stick the pilot file in the user's directory. That means you can't avoid writing to the HD completely but you might not need to have all 3GB of data on your HD.

I've had a look around and it seems that it would work. The only files that are modified after installed are stored in the user's library.

Jaqub Jackson:
It is very easy to burn this game to DVD but I am sorry to say that as I did this experience but the files did not remain executable. It is because that files are written to directories as we play the game.


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