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« on: March 25, 2008, 09:43:36 PM »
What is Micro Space?

Micro Space is an action based multiplayer mod for Freespace 2 SCP (SourceCodeProject). You can fly all well known ships from different universes, like the X-Wing, the Battlestar Galactica or even the LEXX from the dark zone. All combined in one game in a unique toy-like appearance.

Where is your homepage?

We do not have a homepage (yet). We do have a page on Moddb:

Do I need Freespace 2 to play the game?

Micro Space is a stand-alone game, which uses the FS2_Open engine. Freespace 2 is not required.

Will it be free?

Yes! The game will be a completely free download once it is ready for release.

When do you plan to release Micro Space?

Depends on our time.

Only two guys developing a game? Do you need help?

At the moment we're not looking for any more members, but of we wouldn't mind direct coder support.

Please make ship x from universe y!

We already have a list of must-have ships. You may still suggest some other ships, but keep in mind that we will only pick up ships we might have missed on our list.

Feel free to ask us more questions.
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