Author Topic: News, Announcements and Updates regarding BSG9 and the BSG gamers community  (Read 1978 times)


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BSG9 activity has gone down and this is mainly because we are waiting on two things.

a) New patches and new content from the BtRL devs, such as new missions, but most especially, capital ships.

b) We are in the process of completely re-coding our website and upgrading it to a multi-ple clan/fan website gaming organization with 10 times the features we currently offer, and with a lot better coding and design and user-friendlyness.

Since this gaming organization is pretty complex and with so many features, it's taking a little time to develop. Once it is completed, the 9th Battlestar Group will be completely transfered to the new domain, new website, new database and new forums, as the first club of a larger gaming organization.

It is our hope, that the new gaming organization, with the new features and ability to host multiple clubs, will encourage Beyond the Red Line gamers specifically, and Battlestar Galactica gamers generally, to register accounts, get together, and create new clans and fan websites and squadrons for BtRL and other BSG games.

In fact, initially I was only going to alter the coding just enough to allow for a "sister" and "rival" club to the 9th Battlestar Group, one that would be the Cylon equivalent, with the same structure, design and organization that has made the 9th Battlestar Group one of the largest BtRL multi-player club out there.

I honestly feel pressed to get this gaming org done so that the transition and re-invigoration of BSG9 and the BtRL community can happen sooner.

But BtRL fans know how to wait for good things, so I'm hoping everything will be all right until we get this gaming org setup.

It is our hope that there will be many clans/squadrons/clubs all under the roof of this gaming organization, all interacting with each other through a common system of websites and forums, and all using a common statistics tracking website to host events and keep track of them.

I also am hoping that we'll have interaction between space sim pilots and real time strategy BSG fans, namely, interaction between the Beyond the Red Line pilots and the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander strategists and commanders.

Once all these people can be grouped under one gaming organization, or at least affiliated to it through alliances and link exchanges (for those that already exist and want to be affiliated to this gaming org), then the possibilities will be endless, such as interactive custom campaigns with the larger stratetgic battles taking places in Fleet Commander, and the detailed tactical battles taking place in Beyond the Red Line.

Either way, with Season 4 about to start, BtRL undergoing development, FC getting constant updates and improvements, new pilots signing up at BSG Pilots every other day (127 members as of today) and the 9th Battlestar Group's continous works to serve the BSG gaming community, the future is looking bright and glorious :)

So stay tuned, do not mind the emptyness and inactivity on this forum. It truly does not reflect the behind the scenes work that is being put to make things better.

I salute you all, and as soon as any new major developments occur, I'll post them here.

But be sure to check the BSG Pilots hompage frequently, as it is the primary source of news regarding the Show, the games and the community :)

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