Author Topic: Tell something about where you come from!  (Read 2591 times)


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Tell something about where you come from!
« on: February 21, 2008, 06:37:45 AM »
I think the title makes everything clear.
Let me tell something first to get started.
I live in The Netherlands, a small country lieing next to Germany and Belgium.
We speak Dutch in the Netherlands and we have a lot of windmills where we used to make bread in the early days... We have a gouvernement with Jan Peter Balkenende as minister president. He looks like Harry Potter, he is a christian, and most people hate him...
The taxes are the highest ever here in The Netherlands, the cops give you a ticket for speeding if you drive 3 km/h too hard and the most used word is "godverdomme" (goddamnit) I think... We also say a lot "goeiemoggel".
That's a twisted wordvariation of the word "goeiemorgen" which means goodmorning. Well that's it I guess... my books call me... cya l8er all!
And now it\'s my turn...
I\'m really hooked on Doom lately! :p:D:P