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Star Dragon:
Razor X and his allies have got a dedicated site now, a DL of the game and install instructions. Apparently there is limited English support for menus they are working on expanding?

Anyway I had this game long ago and ran into problems, but they are very good at organizing multi and solving problems so give them a look sometime as things around here creep along.

No questions please I just found the site myself and haven't installed their build yet. I'm still setting up my new comp with my old modding files/tools.

hmm, very interesting. I can't play to Macross VO more than 2min on my computer: Fatal Error :nervous:
It could be the solution :D

Hi to all, im new here. Like many people i am a big fan of Macross. Recently (sorry if some words have no sense, mi english its bad) i found this site from robotechvoxp forum, where im joined time ago. I would like to share here, my own mod of Macross VOXP. I called this mod: VOXP DYRL? where realized modifications to the game, to have a resemblance to Macross do you remember love? movie of 1984/85. Its my first mod. maybe some images has not high quality, but many others features, have been upgraded (like the HUD and music).

You can find this mod in:  (the site is in english and spanish)

Here is the direct link of the mod:  (if direct download is not allowed here please erase the link)

I hope you like it.

Thanks to accept me in this forum.


Star Dragon:
No problem, while this section/site has no relation to MacrossVOXP we support their efforts as well as yours. A movie version sounds neat.

Thank you!:)


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