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Destruction for FS2SCP
« on: July 31, 2007, 07:48:59 PM »
The storyline : -

42 years have passed since the 2nd great war.

With the material and technology taken from the Knossos Portal, the new GTVA Aperios  class jump gates reunited GTVA with Sol after 12 years, and though there was a  small rebellion at the beginning because Sol had hostility towards Vasudans, it was  quelled quickly and peace returned.

The next 30 years were spent expanding, fortifying systems, and developingnew military and technologies. Shivan technology was integrated heavily into GTVA weapons and ships, due to its superiority. After 30 years, the beam cannon  technology was phased out in warships, due to the lengthy charge required which was a key factor in the loss of many ships, and the new Tachyon technology was developed. Terran capital ships were able to fire highly volitile torpedoes at high speeds towards enemy capital ships, even targeting the fighter bays of these ships to destroy any outbound fighters and bombers, while Vasudans used Tachyon Reactors, preferring to not store large amounts of ammunition aboard, and adapted Tachyon Cannons, firing low-pulse, high damage beams at enemy warships.

the plans to create more Colossus' was scrapped, the Orion was retired, and the new Dreadnaught class ships were developed, equivalent to the old Hades-class destroyer. This meant they did not take so long to produce, only 2 years or so, and given the  amount of shipyards throughout GTVA space, it took only 10 years to have at least one dreadnaught in each other 20 GTVA battlegroups. The new GTDn Rudanos class dreadnaught, and the GVDn Menhit class Dreadnaught became the backbone of the fleets.

new fighters and bombers were developed, based on streamline, low-profile targets, such as the new GTF Griffon, and with new breakthroughs in reactor and energy capabilities, it was capable to make them fly at higher speeds and more powerful weaponry.

the new gunship class meant cruisers were no longer nessecary in the fleets, and they were retired to policing planets. Corvettes, destroyers, and Dreadnaughts were the backbone of the new, powerful GTVA fleets. The remaining beam cannons were folded into defense turrets and retrofitted onto Gunships.

the long prosperity , and the new knossos jump gates meant that GTVA was exploring new systems,and capitalizing on the untapped resources, and new habitable planets.

Scientific breakthroughs from science ships monitoring the Sathani destruction of the  Capella allowed breakthroughs in weapon technology the GTVA thought never possible. New weapons of astonishing power were created to ensure that should the Shivans return, they would be annihilated utterly, no matter how powerful and large their warships were.
The new system recently discovered was the Canis system, a system which was thought to be inaccessible, but with more precise subspace monitoring technology,  a very small, unstable jump  corridor has been discovered,
and plans to open it are in progress...


*An entirely new race, never seen before
*A plethora of new weapons, ships
*New backgrounds
*A storyline and plot that will blow your mind.

Screenshots and images will be released as progress is made...

***THE D TEAM***



If you're interested in joining the team, or have some general questions, PM me. We're in need of Modellers, UV mappers, and voice acting, and web designing.
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