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Hi, I enjoy drawing space ships and I'm looking around for good systems to add stats at the moment. The art is already in place on my site (with more added all the time) and the stats are coming soon. What are the best systems for generating space ship stats?

cant help you with your quest, but damn, you drew those? your good, hell ill be lucky if i can get a stick figure to look good

Looks good.

What do you mean about generating stats though?

these would be SO good for apocalypse 3.

Star Dragon:
He might think there is a RPG section here... Some games have them.

Let's see... I'm so far out of OLD skool RPG's its not funny but I used to use MEKTON for anime/mecha/spaceships, but that was the 80's.

Have you tried Battletech (The Jumpships & Warships suppliment?)

Or Star wars (D6 & the Newer D20 Editions).

I think there might be a RIFTS supplement for spaceships but not sure.

Good Luck! :D


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