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Couple questions...
« on: April 11, 2007, 08:00:17 PM »
I havent really been in the forums for awhile, busy with real life and all the drama coming with it but I did have the privilage of being here in the begining (2003) when Omni started this mod, and am proud to see the work you guys have done bore fruit. the demo, albeit 2 missions, 2 very LONG missions lol (took forever to kill the buggers), was worth every day waiting.

questions and concerns and criticisms.... are as follows :)

1. MUSIC - supurb, so much more better than I had hoped for. I did the original cut and messy editing for the alphas many moons ago and Max and odaelean have out done themselves. the soundtrack is supurb and draws the player it. It does the game justice! It reminds me when FS1 first came out and it drew u into the game with its deep musical score.

2. GAMEPLAY - i literraly had to start over, this isnt FS anymore obviously and the reflex like menuvers we now have are testing a whole new field of gameplay. experimenting with glide and strafing menuvers have become very fun. different ways to pounce on an enemy is so much more worth wild.

with the flight combat ww2 sim style feel remeniscent of FS/FS2, it felt good to be in the same control as before, but with SOO MUCH MORE flexibility. in a way now with the mouse being used i felt like i was playing freelancer style controls, but still old school FS2!!!

3. AI - the programing i dunno if it was improved or not, but the ai is pretty well done, even if its old AI or not, its very good! the dodging, swinging around for a pass etc., well done.

4. GRAPHICS -Omni, never a doubt. Now with my gf7800 i can duke it out in 160FPS like the rest of u all and jesus its worth every pixel and penny to experience the quality guys have put in!

5. MODELS - nuff said

6. SOUND - the comm static is a bit heavy at times, to the point where i cant make sense of the dialog, but the subtitles help ;) . the weapons SFX are WELL done, the asteroids, well done. etc., EVERYTHINGS WELL DONE! it be nice to hear the cylon eye or pass-by SFX a bit louder....

7. MISSIONs - 2 missions, but worth it. wish there was more but the demo showcases the MAIN POINT OF THIS GAME, THE DOG-FIGHT. Period.

I can only imagine as time progresses the complexity of the new missions coming down the line, especially with capital ships included!

8. MULITPLAYER - bout to try a server now!


Questions: what are you guys planning on doing now besides bug testing etc., are u planning on keeping the current engine as is and now make the move to make a complete game?

maybe do a episodic system where we release a few missions every so often, rather than one lump sum of missions in the coming months so people can beat it in a week and be bored right away?

New concept models, ive seen plenty from colonial to cylon and it would be GREAT to have those in game, obviously not in the BTRL in terms of the story after the attack on the colonies, but prior to? maybe even during? it be nice to see that strike star in action men!

Music, u guys got more music coming?

Weapons, MORE WEAPONS?! SECONDARIES lol?! im a weapon junkie.

lastly, has the "official" side of the series responded to your work?
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Couple questions...
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2007, 08:30:22 PM »
The post-demo/patch meeting is actually going to be setting the way forward.  So most of those questions will probably be getting formalized Sunday.  Its going to be on the good ole btrl-dev irc so come join.
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