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Star Dragon:
NOTE: This thread is only for join requests.

To cut down a lot of the one shot posts and PM's like in the past I decided to alter a response for people to take in and digest. I'm sure the BSG team can appreciate where I'm coming from as we've both had disappointing experiences with newbs.

To sum up:

 Great to hear your a long time fan (like myself, I grew up with anime slightly before RT came out - hence my screen name).

ATM there are few people I trust with the files of this new revamp of the old mod headed by Max Sterling (which is still available online I believe at ,but only works with retail versions as is and is just a toolkit, you must make your own missions with it.)

Please bear with me on what I'm about to say. It's NOT directed at you. This is just so you understand what's been going on the last 4-5 years since I took over the original Mod from Max and devoted my time and effort for this vision and it has been a very long and frustrating ride.

My policy on help is this: due to RL issues I understand people can't give solid commitments to the "team" (I have been the only consistent member since conception) so if people want to help instead of going through all the effort of updating and re-packing up everything, I only send piece work to people who can prove their dedication and skills.

I once had someone BS me with "update reports" for Several  months after sending him a dozen meshes that he was "working on bug fixing them" and then "quit" (after I stated I wanted to sever relations with him) after I discovered he had done absolutely nothing that I hadn't ALREADY done to them (as I am NOT a modeler, I still can tweak 3d things slightly). That was just one example, but was one of the worst and most disheartening. Cause others who wanted to work on them were told "they're being worked on"...

About once every three months I get a join request PM and most of the time there is no follow up after I contact them.

This message was meant to express the state of the Mod and the fact that basically people have talked a great deal, but done damn little and everyone wants the files up front, that were (mainly) contributed by people outside of the FS2 community I individually contacted and built a relationship with.

That said... I would be overjoyed to get an experience set of modders who understand what needs to be done, can work on a focused task, and have enough patience to wait for content until enough (IMHO) is gathered to form a "demo". There is still masssive amount of WORK that needs to be done first despite what has been accomplished.

Quite frankly I am very proud to have nearly tripled the original's content as well as replace MOST of the older content to boot! :naughty:

I want this mod finished resource wise FIRST before we begin hard planning for missions aside from the original ones I made with Max's mod, cause we have to then port the Alpha Mod into the newest build of fs2 open. I use an out dated build cause all these years that was the only one I could get to work and that's the way it is.

If I didn't do it this way we wouldn't be here today and the "mod" as it is now would not exist. You'd only still have Max's Mod to deal with.

That's the other reason I only give out piece work now. People can't test things because my mod won't run on their system (most of the time) if they are set up for new FS2_open. In the long run it's not that important. Getting the work done is the priority, porting second, demo planning/testing third, demo release forth, and then final mission construction and testing last.

After digesting all this, if you still want to help let me know and I'll begin setting up a list you can choose to pick a task from and take it from the one small set of files at a time.

If this is not what you expected or find this management style too constraining I apologise :biggrin1:

Ok let the join posts & PM's begin again...

Count me in :biggrin1:

Star Dragon:
Speak of the Devil!

If you came for your ego stroking it's all located in the screenshot thread (kidding!).

Models Please is officially recognised as a (Outside the general FS community) Major Contributor to this mod!

Not to mention his Macross 7 models will greatly enhance my fanfiction story arc for M7 as well as some little "vids" I'm in the process of storyboarding out in my head.

"think something like the 'loop of Congrat' episode from SG-1"

Models Please has created/involved with at lest several Trek meshes I approached him ages ago about permission for which greatly enhance the visual quality of that project.

He's also a member of Outalance Shipyards a Trek oriented (but not lmited to) loose group of modelers who do lots of amazing works for Trek oriented games like SFC series, KA, Armada1/2, and Bridge Commander.

So welcome aboard MP!

Thanks SD glad to be here. Yes I've done a few Star Trek about 600 models at last count, around 80 BSG ships, a few Star Wars and of course my all time fave....Robotech/Macross. But in that genre all props to Ancient Angel who got me started by graciously allowing OutaLance to host some of his work. Anything I can do to help ya know I will.


Pretty much everything I see going on here regards visual issues.  Admittedly, I know nothing about modding, texturing, etc.  In all honesty, I just clicked in here to see what progress has been made on this project.  To my surprise, I see nothing about matter which pertain to my talents.

I am currently looking for a project to contribute to.  As a proud musician and mecha fanboy, Macross happens to be my favorite series.  If at some point in time you need someone to contribute to voice acting, I would be happy to help in that respect.  I have extensive background in community theatre, have done some directing and a bit of minor voiceover here and there.  I also have experience in writing for theatre for dialogue issues.  

If you need music assistance, I admit I could contribute but being that I have such great respect for Macross, I am somewhat reluctant to dare to say I would do the music true justice.  Okay, if we were talking Macross Plus, yeah that would be easy to whip together (I have a decent feel for Yoko Kanno).  If you want a real Lynn Minmay or Fire Bomber feel, I admit that it would be possible to do some form of transcription to a looped background music, but if you want true Macross feeling I would say go for a straight from the show/movie/ova songlist.  Granted, now we are technically talking copyright issues, but like I said I have a true humility for the music of this series.  For the record, I have 8 years classical guitar training, some experience in composition, and some experience in digital music editting.


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