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How many still around?

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Was thinking earlier (yea I know I shouldn't do that) and started wondering how many original FS2 pilots and squads are still around from the old PXO days?  I know myself and a some of the other Drunks are still about.  Don't think anyone has played much but they still check into the bar from time to time.

Lots of former FF / DSA & 79th pilots are still around on the FF boards and quite a lot are enjoying playing EVE together ;)

Bout checking those boards I think Castor & me might be the only ones; at least none else posts. Once the BSG mod will be out I'll be able to drag some old farts back in tho ;)

Plenty of people around, but playing FS2? 0, add or take a few :D

Blue Lion:
Not a lot of old SW pilots still around. But enough.

I was big at playing on PXO. Would go to bed with a sore wrist from playing half the night with a Force Feedback joystick. Even became a captain. I got away from it though, but lately have been missing it. I miss the smell of burning Shivans.
Does anyone remember the name Rumbler? Come on think. I've probably "killed" you a few times. :-)


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