Author Topic: Toy compass magnet sets recalled over risk to intestines  (Read 1550 times)


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Toy compass magnet sets recalled over risk to intestines
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:25:49 PM »
“Swallowing incidents have often resulted in considerable damage to the gastrointestinal tissues and required emergency surgical treatment. For survivors, there can be serious long-term health consequences.”
“The results of swallowing small powerful ferrites can be very serious and life-threatening,” Health Canada says on its website.
The small, powerful magnetic liftersic balls, distributed by Montreal-based NeoMagnetic Gadgets Inc., are used to build sculptures, puzzles, patterns and shapes.
For more information, visit the Health Canada website.
If children swallow or inhale more than one,景观设计, the casting alnicos could join together in the digestive tract, create a blockage and tear through the intestinal walls.
The agency says people who own the following channel magnets sets should stop using them and find out from their municipality how best to dispose of them.
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm RED COPPER
  NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm BLUE METAL
  NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm DARK
  Neoeducation magnetic Cube 5mm TRIPLE NICKEL
  NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm SILVER
  NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm GOLD
  Neoguitar magnetic Cube 5mm Metallic Rainbow Glazed Spheres
  NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm Metallic Glazed Spheres
  Neosintered ndfeb ic Square 125
  Neocompass magnetic Square 216
  NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm BLUE METAL
  Neopickups magnetic Cube 6mm DARK
  NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm GOLD
  NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm TRIPLE NICKEL
  Buckyballs Original
  Buckyballs Sidekick
  Buckyballs Book Edition
  About 4,000 of the sets have been sold in Canada since February 2010.
Health Canada has ordered several toy level magnet sets off the shelves because it says they could cause serious damage to children’s intestines.
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