Author Topic: Space Combat - what do you think the Effective Combat Range of weapons in space woul?  (Read 18745 times)


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Quote from: EdZ
Sorry to dissapoint people about the 'shaped charge nukes' idea, but a core design feature of the nuclear device is the initial implosion. This is required to initiate the runaway chain reaction, and without it the bomb will not explode (or rather, it will just spew fallout in a small area). This implosion requires a symmetrical design (usually a sphere, or a capped cylinder in some of the earlier thermonuclear devices) to produce the required conditions. A shaped charge is asymmetric by design, so a nuclear shpaped charge is impossible.

Have you ever heard of the Orion project?

Uses nukes as propulsion.

They want as much of the blast as possible to hit the pusher plate.   Most militaries want as much of a blast as possible to hit an enemy ship.  
These two goals seem compatable, except when nuking another ship you use a bigger bomb.

The more cosely I read your post the less it makes sense.

Quote from: Defender_16 quoted from Atomic Rocket: Space War: Weapons
Instead of wasting their blast on a spherical surface, it can be directed at the target spacecraft. This will reduce the surface area of the blast, thus increasing the value for kiloJoules per square meter.
The x-rays and other radiation from the nuclear explosion are channeled by the x-ray opaque uranium up into the beryllium oxide channel filler. This absorbs the radiation, converting it into heat. The heat blasts upward, flashing the tungsten propellant into a jet of tungsten plasma.

Challeled/reflected whatever.  They both work out to the same general results.  The Radiation tends to travel faster than the other physical effects of the nuclear explosion anyways.  By the time the uranium casing is torn apart, the beryllium oxide had already been hit by the x-rays and such and is already doing it's thing.
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Quote from: Sniper_1

Check out this site for good info on space weapons etc..


ya, I've been posting links to that for a while now. lol
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Quote from: Defender_16

Ah, now that's something I didn't know about the Orion propulsors. Interesting, like a psuedo shaped-charge. I'm interested as to what this 'radiation case' is made of though, to be able to effectively channel the inititial nuclear fireball it must be incredibly strong (We're building it in the future! We'll make it out of Unobtanium!).