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Ok, since alot of questions have been going around, I thought I would make this to keep them all in one thread..

Any modeling questions can be posted here, about any modeling program, I know the are experts here on the GWBB regarding all programs.;)

First question.

--- Quote from: TS-Midnight ---Hey Fusion, no go.. niether of those buttons exsists in Wings 3d =/
--- End quote ---

Ok, this is an example of 1st pic: Combine and 2nd pic: Bridge.

Thanks :)

I have a question! might be a bit noobish tho...

Thanks to the wonderful FAQ by karajorma, I have figured out a fair bit of modding my own ship.  Im now aiming to work with textureing my new craft.

The thing is, i designed my ship in 3d studio max and used the pof exporter to create a pof.  I then tried to use Lithunwrap to create a uvmap texture that i could edit in photoshop.  But altho lithunwrap can import a pof, it doesnt seem to export a pof.  Any of the other export options just loose all my helpers and points.

I then tried a method of using uvunrwap within 3dstudio max.  This can give me a map, but i can seem to export it for use in photoshop.  The only way i can get it to work is to take a screenshot of the map and then paste it into photoshop and work with it from there.  Altho this does seem to work, its not terribly acurate and im sure there must be an easier way?

Any help would be greatly received!

While in Lith,have you tried to export to .cob, and convert with POFCS?

yup, i tried that.

But it looses all my gun placements and thruster markers etc.

I know i can reset these in POFCS but i find it easier to get the placements set up using 3dsm.


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