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balence discussion
« on: January 11, 2006, 06:53:49 PM »
i think ive come up with a system for balencing the mod. i looked at the damage per second of the subach hl7, the prom s and the kayser. i picked theese 3 weapons because they dont have any special abilities and because they are pretty much general purpose weapons.. i noticed that each one was 15% better than the one before it. based on this i have decided to use 4 or 5 different "levels" of 15% improvements in weapon power. starting from the caps of the prom s and going a couple levels past the kayser. there will be exceptions, the guns on the maelstrom for example, because that ship is purely anti-capitol in role. also gatlings have 6 sizes (7 if i do that orbital cannon for the succubus), 2 of which are ship specific (the garm for chimera and the jotun for the maelstrom), 1 is vasudan. the rest of the guns will be small (thrasher, phalanx), medium (asgard, heimdallr), and large (helvette and maybe another). for asthetic reasons a ship will only be able to carry a gatling in its size class. the only real time you get a choice in gatling guns, is with the small and medium cannons. the  heres an example of the levels as well as which ships will be available (theese are negotiable btw, in case you need a certain ship or weapon in an earlyer mission):

level 1: (helbat, chimera)
garm (chimera gun)

level 2: (seker, satyr, vulture)
vsb (vasudan gatling gun)
heimdallr (model needs texture)

level 3 (phoenix, nemesis, atlas, chaos, succubus)

level 4: (sepuelture, shagrath, apis)

level 5: (maelstrom, charlatan)
hypacs (the railgun)
jotun (needs gun model/reconverted maelstrom)

now those are all the primary weapons i havent tossed, i might make a few more though. i just did new effects for the beams, non-gatling primary weapons, flak guns, and missile trails. seconday weapons will get the same makeover at some point, htl models and balence as well as more variety. if you really wanted a weapon ive pulled let me know, because i will make more primary guns after i get the current weapons in order.
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