Author Topic: Ut's "rapid prototyping" mod release  (Read 6326 times)

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Ut's "rapid prototyping" mod release
« on: December 08, 2005, 01:41:11 AM »
Rapid prototyping is where someone releases lots of little versions of games, and improves them based on how they're received. This post is quoted from the ModDB (don't want to retype all of this :D)

Hey guys :) This is just a mod, I won't say anything else about it's backstory or anything. It was halfway started, and I'm thinking of taking it up again, depending on user comments and my own will to improve it :)
Anyway, the mod is for Freespace 2, which you ddownload from Home of the Underdogs. There are also a few sites that you can get it from, try searching around 's forums - NOT TO ADMINS: THIS IS NOT WAREZ! The code was RELEASED and the company's involved have NOT touched this game, HoTU is for abandonware only!

Moving along, this thing includes one alpha mission. I stopped doing it halfway through, so all it is basically a frag-fest in space against some AI :)
From the readme:


Installation Instructions:

Unzip the Launcher.exe and fs2_open_3_6 to your Freespace 2 root directory (i.e. C:\Freespace 2). Create a new folder in your root directory and name it something like "Ut's mod". Unzip the Utsmodv001.vp into this folder. Open the launcher, go to the "MOD" tab, and select the folder. Apply and run! :) You can access the mission from the Tech database/single player missions."

Also, in this version of FS2_Open (which is outdated, the current version is 3.6.7, I believe, and this one is 3.6.6 IIRC - reason being was that the mod was made awhile ago, and 3.6.7 breaks compatability (if I decide to restart it, I'll fix that :)).

IMPORTANT:  Freespace Open has implemented up/down and strafing movement - go to your Options/Control Config/Ship menu in the game and bind keys to the Thrust up, Thrust down, etc (I use WASD). All ships in this mod are capable of this sort of movement :)

Anyway, please enjoy, and make sure to tell me what you think! :) (should I post this as news?)

File below, hosting graciously provided by :)


If that doesnt work for some reason:

EDIT: Changed the addresses :) I want everyone to know that while this may never even be completed as a mod, I'll try to provide as much tech support as I can :)
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