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model status
« on: November 26, 2005, 02:13:45 PM »
im gonna list the status of all ship models and perhaps eventually weapons models that will be in the mod to save space im using a secret code to give detailed specs about where the models are in development. the code is progressive, starting with model development, then surface development, then optimisations for performance. not every ship needs to have everything listed.

hp - has hi poly model, if a model has anything other than this, a complete or partial upgrade is likely and thus any other codes are highly subject to change
om - has outdated model that may be upgraded
cu - cheap upgrade, means i upgraded the model but its not up to par
og - old, but good enough to avoid upgrading for now
nd - not done, work in progress and not yet in the game
rg - requires new geometry, subobjects, turrets, ect

t,g,s - has texture, glowmap, spec/env map
sg - smoothgrouped
ot - textures optimised for htl
or - optimisation required, usually in the form of a texture merge/bake
ti - ship requires tiles, which makes all the above texture codes more complicated, so texture codes after thes refer to any tiles of my creation, details about any tiles created by v or the scp are ommited

game optimisation / submodels
lod - has lods, i doubt you will see this on the list any time soon
de - has debrits
tu - has working turrets
bg - known to have bad geometry (people, test things)
ngs, ogs - new/old gun system, ogs means the ships gatling guns use the old subobject aproach, ngs uses vwep gatlings, if it doesnt have the code it doesnt use gatling guns

ragnorok - hp - t -tu
valhalla - hp - t - tu
phoenix - hp - t - tu
satyr - hp - t g s - tu ogs
rumrunner - hp - t g s or - tu
chimera - hp - t g s sg - ogs
shagrath - hp - t g s - ogs
dante - hp rg - ti t g s - tu
sepuelture - hp - t g s or - tu ogs
atlas - og - t g s
succubus - og - t g s - ogs
apis - og - t g s - tu ogs
nemesis - og - t g s - tu ogs
maestrom - og - t g s - tu ogs
chalatan - og - t g s
vulture - cu - t g s - tu ogs
hellbat - om - t g s - ngs
seker - om - t g s - ngs
chaos - om - t g s
pyre sentry - om - ti - tu
pirate asteroid base - nd
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