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The Continuing Adventures of Alpha 27 And A Half!
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The Super Adventures of Super Alpha 27 And A Super Half or TSASA27.S5

Chapter 9 - There we are

"I realize there's a bomb set to go off in 45 seconds." Logar said quite indifferently. "But I also have my TSM Cyber Clones and a transport located a mere 10 space meters away." Logar turned to one of his TSM Cyber Clone thugs. "Make sure you have everything! Including my Shivan Plushy, Roltilda!"

"By your death." The TSM Cyber Clone acknowledged. They had everything Logar had brought to the slumber party, especially the Shivan Plushy. Logar turned back to the luckless crew.

"So long suckers!" Logar and his TSM buddies rushed to the transport Alpha 27 And A Half and the Raspberry King stole, and the transport took off. Logar sat back and was about to enjoy the explosion from the bomb on the Terran-Vengeance. Then he noticed one of the TSM Cyber clones carrying his Shivan Plushy with a 5 second till explosion Helios bomb caught to its nametag. Logar tried to say something but was interrupted by the exploding bomb.

"Do you ever get the feeling there's a higher power guiding us?" Sara asked the group on the bridge.

"Yes!" Alpha 27 And A Half jumped up. "His name is Terran Command, his word is the word. There can be no other way."

"You know we're NTF, right?" Sara pointed to herself and at Captain Emo, who just so happened to sulk by.

"And I was part of the TSM uprising." The Raspberry King said, adding to the fire.

"I oppose the idea of the GTVA since it includes you Terrans." Kr'en also added.

"And I, like, got kicked out of the GTVA for not returning to base in a timely fashion." FredBob finished off the anti-GTVA sentiment.

"Oh." Alpha 27 And A Half looked at his traitorous friends. "That's okay though, we're still one big happy family!" Alpha 27 And A Half began to advance on them for a big group hug.

The fate of the three fused together ships was pretty good, since they were sprialing away from the explosion and towards Polaris I. Well the fate for the next few hours was pretty good, after that and the holo-magic 8 ball got hazy.

"I told you that was a bad plan." Sara took the holo-magic 8 ball away from Alpha 27 And A Half and threw it across the bridge. FredBob went over to it and looked at it.

"Yeah, the holo-magic 8 ball agrees with you." FredBob picked the holo-magic 8 ball up.

"I think that you all remain on the ship." Kr'en began to suggest. "After all, the crew must go down with the ship."

"That's captian." Sara corrected. "The captain is supposed to go down with the ship. Which isn't a bad idea."

"But we can't abandon the ship!" Alpha 27 And A Half exclaimed. "What about all the memories we've had?" Alpha 27 And A Half thought about it for a moment. "Like the time we saved Earth from giant Whales, or the time we found the Taco Planet?"

"You did ram another ship." The Raspberry King said. "We can only presume that the other ship has craft we can escape with."

"There!" Sara said with glee. "That's a smart idea! Let's go to the other ship. Hopefully there will be enough craft for all of us to leave and never see each other again!"

"What do you think Adam?" Alpha 27 And A Half asked the hastily taped together cutout officer. "He agrees, let's go!" And so they did.

Meanwhile in another momentary distraction, Terran Command was making a decision of life and death. Both him and the vile Ace of Spades had only 1% health left. The next few seconds would decide the fate of The Deck. Then all of a sudden a lieutenant rushed into the control room.

"Sir!" The lieutenant saluted. "The Capella Star has gone supernova!" The interruption made Terran Command jump too early and got hit by a flying Club. The game then went to a screen where all the helpless Heart and Diamond cards were enslaved by the evil Club and Spades.

"May god have mercy on their souls." Terran Command said with a tear in his eye.

"But I thought that you were... Oh my god!" The lieutenant said confused. "My entire belief system has been destroyed!"

Back on the Terran-Vengeance-Yarrr-Judgement, the bridge crew arrived at a giant hole made by space pirates. Right in the middle of the hole stood Captain Jack Parakeet, Captian Emo's brother, eager for a rematch.

"Yarr. I knew I'd just have to wait for yee." Captain Parakeet said with a grin on his face. "Now it be time to get what I desire."

"My brother hates me!" Captain Emo cried. "I have no reason to live."

"That's not true!" Alpha 27 And A Half tried to console the captain. "The power of friendship will help you, nothing can defeat love!"

"Yarr! Brother, I challenge you to a duel!" Captain Parakeet took out two laser guns and offered one to his crying brother. "10 paces, then we shoot. Sound good?" Captain Emo nodded and took the weapon. "Or shoot yourself with that rigged weapon. Yarr." Captain Parakeet muttered to himself.

"What'd you say?" Captain Emo asked, missing that last part.

"Uh, yarr. Yarr!" Captain Parakeet yarred. The two took their starting positions and Captain Parakeet began to count the paces. On the 10th pace the two turned around and fired their weapons at each other.


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The Continuing Adventures of Alpha 27 And A Half!
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The Last Continuing Adventure of Alpha 27 And A Half or I Give Up A27.5 (until next time)

Chapter 10 - Captain's Showdown

"Arrgh!" Captain Parakeet yelled out in pain. He was hit in the pinky finger. "How did ye shoot me?! I gave you a backwards firing gun! Yarr!"

"He was holding it backwards." The Raspberry King said as he inspected the remaining captain. "You sir, must be a genius, you saw through the whole trap."

"Of course I did." Captain Emo laughed. "Yes, that's me. Ah! I shot my brother!" Captain Emo went back to crying and cursing those snakes.

"Hey, didn't yee fail basic weapons handling?" Captain Parakeet asked his brother.

"Probably." Captain Emo remembered to the good old days. "The only reason I graduated was because you threatened and blackmailed all my teachers."

"Good times." Captain Parakeet began to remember them too. "Yarr. Why we be fighting like this? Let's go back to the old days!"

"Don't you need a time machine to do that?"

"I stole one from this weird guy wondering about some blasted supernova."

"Didn't your ship just get crushed between the two destroyers?" Sara said, breaking up the reunion. "By what act of god did you and your crew actually get out?"

"Yarr, it be a funny story." Captain Parakeet began a flashback to 5 minutes ago. But before he could actually start it, the fused together triple ship began to shake. And the room began to get pretty hot. "Yarr! What be this devilry?"

"Oh no!" Alpha 27 And A Half began to panick. "Terran Command is about to cast his judgement on us! He's going to send us to the firey depths of Vega!"

"We may be re-entering the atmosphere of Polaris I." The Raspberry King quickly analysed the situation. "You guys better have a damn good plan."

"Parachute?" Sara asked the captain.

"Parachute." The captain responded.

"Parachute?" The Raspberry King said confused.

"Parachute!" Alpha 27 And A Half jumped for joy.

"Parachute..." Kr'en sighed.

"Pair of shoes?" FredBob asked his friends. They all just looked at him in silence. Sara and the Captain ran off to deploy the parachute to save them all from certain doom, for a third time.

The "front" end of the fused together ship was red hot from the re-entry. Then all of a sudden, from the crumpled nose of the Terran-Vengeance came a guiding rocket. It broke through the Judgement and the pancaked Yarrrrr, and a giant parachute unfurled. Quite luckily, the parachute is rated at two and a half Orions, so the three ships landed in a well placed placed city, right by Polaris Command.

"Well..." The Raspberry King sighed. "That was entertaining."

"Let's go outside!" Alpha 27 And A Half suggested. And so they did. Outside was nothing really special. Blue sky, green ground, large batallion of guards marching toward them.

"Do we have a plan for those guys?" The Raspberry King asked the genius planmakers.

"Why should we?" Captain Emo said. "Polaris is NTF, we're NTF, its a match made in heaven!"

"Really?" The Raspberry King asked the confident captain. "I heard that Bosch ran away and the NTF fell apart under supposedly deceased Evil Emperor Schlicher."

"Oh." Captain Emo needed a new plan and quick. "Well let's hope they're the Neo-Neo-Terran Front then." But alas the uniforms the guards were wearing were GTVA uniforms. Leading the troops was a feared man. Everything about him reeked of pure fear, his aura washed over the crew. He had no name, he was only referred to as...

"Terran Command!" Alpha 27 And A Half called out to the lead man.

"Which one of you is Captain of the GTD Pocky, AKA the NTD Vengeance, AKA the GTD Terran, AKA the GNTD Terran-Vengeance?" Terran Command asked the crashed crew. In the background a man crawled out of the wreckage, he was Captain Bright of the GTD Judgement.

"He is!" Sara pointed at the Captain Bright with one hand. The other was keeping Captain Emo's hand down from pointing at himself. "That's the one!"

"Huh?" Captain Bright said confused.

"Hey!" Captain Emo yelled out. "I'm the captain of the Terran-Vengeance!" Sara slapped her own face.

"Try to do one nice thing..." She muttered to herself.

"So you want my ship?" Captain Emo said angrily to Captain Bright. "Then I challenge you to a duel! For the Terran-Vengeance!"

"You've got it!" Bright responded. "Laser pistols?"

"Not scrabble?"

"I'm illiterate."

"Me too."

"We've got laser pistols already."

"Well okay." The two captains took their weapons and their positions right behind their opponent. They counted out 10 paces, though it was more like 17, and then they turned and fired at each other. Captain Emo was holding his still rigged gun the "right" way so he shot himself in the arm, and Captain Bright also shot poor Captain Emo in the same arm.

"Yes!" Captain Bright exclaimed. "I win!"

"So you're the captain of the Terran-Vengance?" Terran Command asked the newly assigned Captain Bright.

"That's ri..." Bright then caught a glimpse of the entire batallion aiming their weapons at him. "Wait!"

"I have Hearts and Diamonds to save!" Terran Command said fustrated. "Take him away!" The GTVA guards took away the traitorus and heinous captain. Terran Command walked over to the wounded captain of the GTD Judgement. "Are you okay there?"

"Oh yeah, I lost my left arm in an accident a year ago." Captain Emo said reassuringly.

"But he hit your right arm." Sara pointed out.

"OH GOD THE PAIN!" Captain Emo screamed.


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The Continuing Adventures of Alpha 27 And A Half!
« Reply #17 on: March 11, 2006, 11:55:31 AM »
:lol: This is brilliant. Keep it up. :yes:

"You, uh, forgot to carry the quantum one here."
"That ceased to exist when you mentioned it."

^ Love it. :lol:


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The Continuing Adventures of Alpha 27 And A Half!
« Reply #18 on: March 15, 2006, 01:15:17 AM »
Awesome... I just read through them all. Is anyone helping you edit? If not, I might be able to lend a hand.


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The Continuing Adventures of Alpha 27 And A Half!
« Reply #19 on: March 15, 2006, 02:35:07 AM »
You're certainly free to. Any help is great. :biggrin1: You would get to help correct such blunders as this:

At the end of Chapter 7, everyone's in Alpha Centauri, but pixels later in Chapter 8, they're in Polaris.

:nervous: oops