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To Do Lists (Mod Contents/ie: PROGRESS THREAD!)...
« on: November 03, 2004, 12:05:55 AM »
This is a closed thread.


We have been in serious need of modelers not only to make new models, but to fix many we have axquired for the mod. Lack of skilled help in this area has hurt progress immensely over the last 6 years.

It has also made the current situations worse as more and more RL issues have also become more servere. Because progress had ground to a halt for an extended time it's only fair that until those issues can be resolved the Mod is on Official Hiatus until things can change significantly.

If 20 modelers with Fs2 experience came in right now, it wouldn't change things much, I'll edit this back out if the situation improves...


Below are the official lists of things to get done for the mod. As things get completed I will edit them out and the lists will get smaller. This will also have a side benefit of eliminating the majority of "is it done yet?" posts, for as long as items remain posted the mod is not done :P
I have decided to leave out entries of completed meshes. Only the person assigned to POF data will have that info. Also at the bottom of the post is a listing of past and present members of this effort! There are too many meshes we HAVE now that need to be worked on to solve different crashing issues so unless I get a dedicated person instead of a "fly by night member" I am not going to go into detail about them or send files...

 Please note these lists are for MODELERS ONLY!
IF anyone feels like working on them send me a PM. This thread is NOT for open comments, that's what other threads I made in the section are for.
       [INVID FORCES]:
       Malar Power Armor (Hive Guard)
       Iigaa Light Mecha (Scout) - Accused Raptor (legs need retexturing)
       Gamo (Pincer)
       Rework of the Mollusk model ? (for open shell door)
       Invid Hive Ship (lands on a planet for instant base)
       [Not listed there but two ships]:
       Invid Command ship (regent hides there)
       I think they have some sort of Cruiser..
      That's it no other cap ships..
      Possible Bonus for later IF the ground mod is ever perfected:
      Invid Cougar
      Invid Speeder (with malar power armored Invid flying it)
That is the complete Invid list...
This list is mostly complete... A possible 5 or 6 ships could be included later (female varients) not shown in the site. Keep in mind the emphasis is on Robotech so not including them as Meltrandi won't affect things, it's just for added enjoyment.
       [Zentreadi Forces]:
      Gnerl (possible rework Zentreadi Fighter model zfpod)
      Zent Com-1 (unseen Zentreadi Gunboat)
       Recovery Pod (this could be fun as it gives the Zent players a support ship of their own)
       Zent Male power armor type 1
       Zent female power armor type 1 (rework of the model zqpa1 possibly)
       Zent male power armor type 2 (not shown ACE armor I have model for reference)
       Zent Female armor type 2 (Ace armor I have model for reference)
       Tiluvo Dropship (unarmed)
       Rineuudia Monitor (Beam ship?)
       Fulbtzs Home Base (Dolza's Comand asteroid/base)
       NEEDED but can be considered bonus:
       ROBOTECH Factory Satelite !!! (trying to goad Raptor into doing this, He came up with a idea...)
    Zentreadi list basicly completed...
     All other fighters are under develpement
      Bonus (destroids for eye candy and to do the hull of the SDF-1 with or future ground missions)
        Some are done, I need to compare names from the sources I obtained them from (BT/Macross designations)
    [RDF list complete...]
    [REF LIST]:
       SVT-1Vixen (for recon, pilot retrieval,  vip courier, special ops)
       Pioneer Class Super Dimensional Fortress (SDF-3)
       Banshee class Destroyer (PT boat)
       Gremlem Class Missile Destroyer (PT Boat)
       Argonaught - Super heavy battle cruiser
       Montgolofier - Shp Tender (reapair/construction ect)
       Bonus Villavarre class - Super dimensional Fortress SDF-8
OK Last one (I promise!)
      In additon to existing weapons new weapons to be added:
    mainly for veriety, but also cause they are physically different for models
    Tomahawk - S to S missile
    Stilletto (s range multi purpose)
    Firebird L range missile
    RMS-1 Angle fo death (Nuclear)
    AGM-65R Maverick (bomb)
    GA-80 Starstrike
    HHHM-02 Starbust (Super veritech missiles)
    HR-22T-Hothead (mech to mech missile)
    CMB-200 (cluster Missile)
    [Zentreadi Weapons]:
    SSA-1 Sniper
    SSA-2 Scrapper
New weapons complete with exception of new beams? Not really needed but can be considered BONUS... Plus the reference site does not list beam type weapons only mecha/ships and missiles...
One important note! There may NOT be new secondary weapons possibly (just old ones) as there is a SCP issue I cannot seem to get around and it's driving me insane! New beams/primaries are fine so that is not an issue... I hope this does not detract too much from people's enjoyment of the mod.
    If you would like more information on the timeline or the mecha/ships listed above go to this site for more information:
Check this post every few months as I update these lists!!! (really!)

The Original FS2 Robotech Mod team:
Steve "Max Sterling" Weese - Project lead, 3D models, skins, interface, tables, etc.
Ron "Shrike" Tracey - Executive Officer, tables, ani's, missions, etc.
Joel "Sryth" DeRossett - Campaign lead - Main Campaign/Mission designer
Nicolas "Venom" Clement - Chief 3D modeler
Cole "SilverArrow" Hubbard - File distribution, testing, packaging, other tasks
Damien "STW Max Sterling" Weiss - Missions, music, general MOD help
Eddie "Setekh" Woo - Texture artist, FSMM2  technician
Aki "Gortef" Malinen - Wingmen ANIs, missions, assistant News Uppdater
Rodrigo "Styxx" Barni - Model conversion and animation
Raoul "Warlord" Schleitzer - 3D Modeling, FSMM2 editing
Sebastian "Roy Fokker" Davies - Testing, other things, missions
Jordan "Unknown Target" Pelovitz - Funky Table Magic and other various assingments
Andres "Rick Hunter" Carjuzaa - Tables, missions, interface and various thingies
Lady Llana - Missions
SSC Legacy - Missions
Dan - Modeler

Paolo Zago - 3D Modeling, especially Veritechs
Derek "Kazan" Meek - 3D Modeling for FS2
Mike Bobboau - 3D Modeling for FS2

Members of the RT2.0 Mod Effort (short or long term):
Star Dragon (Lead), Trashman (SDF-1), Accused Raptor (assorted Invid), Ancient Angel (assorted REF), Models Please (assorted Macross 7 & Model Fixes)...

Net Resource (open use policy): AISURUL - Models Used (Alpha Fighter, Alpha Battloid, Invid Gurab, Garfish, Marathon, Mollusk)

Any errors or omissions PM me! :D

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