Author Topic: Difference between Magican and CleanMyMac  (Read 3636 times)


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Difference between Magican and CleanMyMac
« on: November 17, 2011, 08:49:45 AM »
Both Magican and CleanMyMac are good Mac cleaner in Mac OS X world. They both have the function of cleaning the files unneeded to keep Mac in order. However, difference still exists between them. If you have experienced these two Mac applications, you will be able to differentiate the two applications on basis of their features. Exactly with the name of CleanMyMac, this software focuses on sweeping the files you does not need away to keep your Mac clean and health. You may wonder what kinds of files can be deleted by CleanMyMac. They are logs, cache files, universal binaries, system junks, useless languages, leftovers and uninstalled application. You may consider it to be very versatile software. But I’d like to choose a application with more functions, that’s why I prefer Magican. Besides cleaning all the useless files, Magican also supports “one-click” for scanning and cleaning. This feature helps your cleaning finished within several minutes. It also allows you to visit other modules on Magican when it is scanning. Meanwhile, Magican can monitor the use of Mac in real time and refresh all the Mac stats in seconds, so you can get the lasted usage status of my Mac. Furthermore, Magican arranges software and files in categories, with which users can directly uninstall software and manage files. Both of them are good Mac software, but Magican got more extensive and flexible functions. It can optimize Mac, monitor Mac stat, manage files and check hardware info etc. Magican is an “All-in-One” utility for Mac OS X. It helps you with everything you want to do on Mac.