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Introduction - PLS read all req stickies before posting
« on: October 04, 2004, 05:00:36 AM »
Greetings everyone!
 I am Star Dragon (AKA Getter Robo G - Getter 1). I want to thank MP for this board and hosting the mod files (as eventualy my Briefcase would have exploded!)...
 In short the purpose of this project is to expand the ORIGINAL mod and take it into other eras (such as the Invid invasion and Sentinels campaign).
 A word of warning though cause I have seen this on countless boards: No flaming or warring about the differences between Robotech and the Three Original Japanese Animes it was created from!
 If you want to act immature or flaunt lack of knowledge about anime then keep it in the off topic area. Or better yet these are the places you'd fit in better:
 If you truly do not know the history of these shows I am sure many of us here will be MORE than happy to educate you but please ask with sincerety if you absolutely need a RT or Mac question asked. Trolls and instigators will be insinerated by the Macross Cannon!
    Enjoy your stay here and lets revel in the glory that is ROBOTECH!

(*) I encourage you to read all the relevant stickies before posting a question, or especially just to post "are you dead?" type spam.

 (*)  If you feel yourself forced to make such a comment at least have the decency NOT to make a NEW thread just for that, and work it in to a more reasonable post (like ask a real question first, or comment) in an EXISTING thread.

Spam or non-constructive threads made by new people will be deleted.
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