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model updates
« on: December 23, 2005, 01:53:58 PM »
i just upped the next batch of updated and improved models. couple cool features too. we got a major revision to the shagrath, the sepuelture has a cockpit. the rest are just texturing fixes and new vwep models. i didnt include tables cause mine are shot to hell. :D

known bugs:
chimera is too small
there is something funky going on with the satyr
both of those will need to be recompiled again
shagrath and sepuelture work like a charm, no further tweaking on them models
there was a glowmap goof on my part but i caught it before i mad the zip

after trying to simplify the mod  for most of the day, i gave up and went back to the original mod directory and fixed bugs untill the game sorta runs. its now working within reason on a current cvs build. with the exception of that eror message about not being able to finda model, and it not saying which one.

turns out the chimera is just the right size, its the gatling guns that are too big. i might make a special gun just for it, perhaps the phalanx will look right.
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