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Akalabeth Angel:
Well, there are some cool destroids, but I was talking about the "Macross Cannons", which are basically Reflex ships. They look like this:



Star Dragon:
Yes I remember you posting this on RELIC... It's a bit involved for a ship that's only gonna be seen (inactive) a few times and then get blown up though. Plus Trashman would have to model it (and he's done with SDF modling...)

Akalabeth Angel:
Oh, I'm not too concerned, I just think it would be pretty cool. Actually one thing about Macross 2 is that the Zentraedi designs would probably be good for space combat because unlike the earlier Macross designs they don't have legs and stuff, they're actually fighters like the Gnerl/Ravolne(spl?).

    I'd just be happy to any Robotech stuff to get released, I have played the original bit but found it was kind of lacking. One thing I'd like is if you'd give the GU-11 an ammo limit like they're doing in some mods (T-V war?). The GU-11 didn't seem quite right in the first mod.

Star Dragon:
That's a definate possibility since the Alpha fighter's GU-13 DOES have an ammo limit (tested and works in game with 3 firing points just like in the show/RPG books) end result FAST nasy damage but you have to be more accurate comcious and learn to conserve or you're gonna run out!

Wow, look at this. Robotech sequal annonced! HOORAY. WHOOHOO.


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