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Star Dragon:
Ok People this is the thread to ask both intelligent questions by the truly curious, and annoying questions by the trolls :P
As time goes by we will have enough material for a F.A.Q. posting but for now this will do (as HLP is down, otherwise I would have reviewed our 20 something pages for examples)...
I strongly suggest you make use of this thread before contaminating others (fair warning as I will NOT move posts to here - too lazy - so if appropriate, deletion is a more attractive option) I think that's both fair and clear to understand (if not Matthew will let me know).


FAQ1: - Will this have ANY elements from SDF-Macross TV (Japanese Version)?

A: - ONLY the bare minimum of the story was carried over by the Carl Macek edit (which became ROBOTECH), he totally dumped the dialog and wrote an American script ideally for American voice actors in order to tie together 3 completely different anime series to make it long enough to be worth bringing over to the United States for broadcast. If he didn't it we would never have seen it outside of Japan for many years (unaltered). It was a different world back then and Anime was not such a hot property it is now (in the West).

FAQ2: - Will it have any Elements of Macross: DYRL?

A: - Um no, see FAQ A#1... (no offense)

FAQ3: - How about Macross II or 7 Then?

A: - Nope, but if you're lucky you might find some "Easter Eggs" inside...

FAQ4: - So are you doing Southern Cross next?

A: - Unfortunately there are mods in the works doing ground stuff that would be critical for incorporation into such a project as S.D.C.S.C. There are issues that I have absolutely no clue as how to solve so no. I would like to in the future though and will still look for resources to compile one in the meantime (But it sure as hell won't be playable). This part would mostly take place on the surface of Earth with some space battles.

FAQ5: - And Next Generation?

A: - Absolutely! The second release (assuming we get that far) will be based on the "re-imagined" (don't shoot me, but God I hate that word...RDM!) series Genesis Climber Mospedia. We already have MANY of the models for this part and if we can get their issues sorted out as well as some ground issues (as half the action is ground based) we have a good chance of getting it done some day.

FAQ6: - So when will it be done?

A: - Depends, what are you willing to do to help get it done? Because work continues and then stops frequently (with long pauses) , I can't give a time table. I will say an enormous amount of work HAS been done, but we still have a long way to go.

I will leak this: all the data listed is for TESTING and will most likely be replaced for release version...
 1.) Numerous VT's in all three modes are done (doesn't mean they work. but we have pof's)
 2.) I did 1gig of voice capturing for mission generation off DVD rips, crude but they will help with mission planning for the internal mod.
 3.) The Orion reskin was replaced by Trashman's SDF-1, a huge improvement!
 4.) We have many Zent ships (but they lack turrets) and smaller units (those are buggy).
 5.) Most of the Invid have Test .pofs for release 2, we have some REF ships as well as Alpha, Beta, and Shadow Fighters. All need Gerwalk and battloid configurations though!

Honestly, for having no skills whatsoever I think I've done a great job for this mod (thanks again to Max Sterling's Team for allowing me to take the reigns!)

That's all I'm gonna tell you for now...

this thread is sticky now

Star Dragon:
I just figured out I had to be IN the thread to manipulate it, this is the first time I ever had moderator powers so it's all new to me...

Akalabeth Angel:
How come you don't have the SDF-2 on your list??? Just use the movie version of the SDF-1, replacing the Prometheus/Daedelus with ARMD platforms.

    Also the Zentraedi gunship isn't unseen, as we see it in the first few minutes of the Macross movie when a pair of 'em blows away a Tomahawk, and in turn one gets downed by a MAC-II.

     Some other possible models would be what we have in Macross 2, or even that Macross 7 show. The Macross Cannons from Macross 2 aren't too shabby (4 reflex cannons), heheheheh. Or you could even do the Meltrandi fleet. I know these aren't robotech, but if the list is ever finished it's something you could do afterwards.

Btw, with regards to your title, it's Brigadier not Brigedier.   :o

Star Dragon:
SDF-2 was never seen from the outside (though it was mounted on th back of SDF-1). You only saw the control center Lisa commanded the ship from that was connected to the control center of SDF-1.
 Thus I can consider to using an SDF model that is still under construction (thus no arms yet) as if the ship had been finished it would have been used to combat Khyron instead of being helplessly destroy in the inital blast although they detected it before he came into weapons range (in fact in the mission you get to see khyron blow away the ship just like in the show as Rick screams for Lisa and vows revenge!). Previously I mounted an ARMD on the back of the skinned Orion and it looks so cool to see the beams come out of nowhere and destroy "SDF-2". I have not tried to translate the other missions I made 2 years ago because of new errors so have decided to build them from scratch ONCE we have the proper models made.
 Maybe some "Easter Eggs" or specials could be unlocked that have nothing to do with the Robotech main storylines (chapters1 & 3) but it probably won't be many because there are SO many ships that need to be done for this to be a true expansion and succeed in it's goal of recreating the Macross Saga as well as the Invid Invasion. Like the yf-19 and 21.
 Since you mentioned Destroids, yes we will have some but I can't put my finger on which one you meant so please when referring to mecha or ships use the Robotech name otherwise people may get confused (especially me).
 I did not even know about Macross TV show or the DYRL movie till 1992 (9 years later!) when I got out of the military and visited my friend's import video/comic store.
    And thank you for the correction. See one mis-spelling and it can ruin you for life!
   As for the Gunship I believe it was unseen in Robotech but I will look into it more. That ship Rick invaded during the Miss Macross contest may or may not be the Cyclops scout ship... L8tr!


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