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9th Battlestar Group / FT Challenges BSG9
« on: July 19, 2007, 08:35:26 PM »
The reason we are doing 4 vs. 2 is because we only have 2 official members, Turey and I. I have a few people on my list of posible recruits, but I need to get a hold of them first. If you would like, if we still havent had the duel by the time I get more pilots recruited, I can include some of them, but thats up to you.

Anyways, perhaps this weekend we can set this up. I am pretty sure I will be around, I am not sure if Turey will be though. If I remember correctly, he is leaving on vacation saturday or sunday, I'm not sure which.

Hosted Multiplayer Squadrons / Flying Tigers, Now Recruiting
« on: July 19, 2007, 09:42:41 AM »
Hey all, Turey and I have just started up a selective clan. We only recruit those who we feel can cut it. So if your looking for a BtRL clan that is all about playing hard and is willing to pass on some techniques of our own to you, we are now recruiting! We have a fully functional site up (temporary design), and are totally open for suggestions. We also supply dedicated clan members with free emails (I.E., with space up to 8 gigs and no email attachment size limits.

We invite everyone to join our games, but keep in mind, we dont recruit just anyone, and there will be very few exceptions if any. We do not permit the use of mods or "hacks" of any kind to better your performance and bug exploits are prohibited.

To apply, you can post here, e-mail me, or instant message me on the clients below :

ICQ/AIM : 241858733

9th Battlestar Group / FT Challenges BSG9
« on: July 19, 2007, 06:54:48 AM »
Hi, I am the co-squadron leader of The Flying Tigers BtRL Squadron, we are a brand spanking new squadron and I challenge you guys to a 2 on 4 team vs team. Adalla, and 3 pilots of your choice (that is IN BSG9 of course) vs. Turey and I. Our suggested time is 3:30 PM PST / 6:30 PM EST thursday (July 19th). I wont be availble until shortly after 3, unless I get off work earlier. If you need to resechedule it to another time or another day, let us know.

Standard BtRL-Teamwars rules for this event.
The event consists of 3 rounds of 5 respawns, all three events occur on MT-FFA-01.fs2 (Nowhere to Hide).

Good luck!!!

Shadows of Lylat / Join us!
« on: July 18, 2007, 06:13:41 AM »
The 4 most popular languages in FS2 are English, Polish, German and French in that exact order actually, and getting voice actors for each language would be a major pain, so even if you did record it in different languages, the only ones you would be able to do, would be the ones with enough volenteers who speak the targeted languages. But if your just gunna translate the English voice acting with the text, you could do that for every language easy, there are free translation sites that actually do a good job. I.E.

I dont understand what the point of putting burst fire on is, every game I've played that offered the selection of burst, auto or semi, you have to release the fire button and press it again before itll shoot another 3 or 4 shots on burst fire. Why not just shoot 3 or 4 shots in your fighter and then release the trigger instead. I don't mean to be offensive to anyone, but anyone who can't release the trigger after a few shots and then fire again after a few seconds to conserve shots needs to play some other flight simulator thats not for experienced players before playing this game so they can actually have fun killing cylons. If you have never played a flight simulator before, your definitely gunna label this game "hard".

Tmp2 / Combining several Game Controllers
« on: July 18, 2007, 03:17:14 AM »
I thought the Z-Axis was the thruster and the rX-Axis was the axis used when you twist the stick O.o ( i could have those two backwards but I'm pretty sure thats right.)

BTW : There is no Z-Rot, I know that for a fact, I own an x52 myself.

Quote from: Black_Hawk;76892
A question for Stinger: How did you set your X52 with the PPJoy?
I've read your post but can't seem to figure how it's working.
I don't like that the yaw of my ship is controlled by the Y axis on the X52 stick.
I'd like to have it set up like this:

X-axis - pitch
Y-axis - roll
Z-axis - yaw

Ok, first off you dont need a special program to reset your axis', just go into options, then control settings, then at press teh ship button, select banking and move your stick to one of the sides without moving it forwards or backwards or twisting the stick. Then select Yaw and twist your stick without moving the stick. I dont understand why you would want to do this though, your hand is gunna hurt after a few games because of all the twisting your doing.

OK noobs, I made the cylon missle an emp missle so you all can experience first hand what its like to get hit by emp. Place this file in the main demo folder (usually C:\Games\BtRL\Demo\) Please DELETE this before you play multiplayer, as it will make your tables invalid.

Tmp2 / Feature, Bug, or Me?
« on: July 17, 2007, 06:51:06 AM »
I know this topic is kinda old but i just wanted to bring this back up because someone people today claimed i was "hacking" today because they wernt doing any damage to me. WRONG. Bad ping isnt the only form of lag people, Packet Loss (the number labeled PL in the upper right) is also a major factor. Most lag is PL lag in freespace/btrl for the most part, this is usually caused by an external program or another computer on the network sucking up the hosts upload speed, or the clients download speed.

Also, upload speeds on connections are rarely symetrical, so the chances are, your connection has a slow upload rate compared to your download rate. ISP's rarely tell you right off the bat what your upload rate is. But the usual upload rate for a 1.45 Mbps connection is 384Kbps, Translation ~47.25KBytes/sec. This connection can only handle a max of 5 players on big co-op missions with the posibility of 6 on smaller tvt and dogfight missions without any additional astroids, AI, etc.

For those of you who think your Comcast just upgraded your connection to insanely good upload rates, Comcast sells residential connections with powerboost, this gives the person a 2 minute boost in upload at around 160KByte/sec, but after about 2 minutes you go back to 47.25 KByte/sec and your host sucks again. PLEASE PEOPLE, DON'T HOST LARGE GAMES ON CONNECTIONS YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT!!!

Tmp2 / Final BSG model WIP
« on: July 17, 2007, 06:23:22 AM »
looks great omni! will there be a battlestar model without the galactica logo on it? or a way to tac on a new name to it without having to retexture the whole thing like the orion in FS2?

Me and a friend of mine have complained about how hitting the AI can be nearly impossible, with framerate and erract AI. But since making the enemy AI easier to hit would just take the fun out of it, I think some type of optional auto-aim would help a lot.

The problem I see with that is, people could then make AIM-BOTS very easily, and the source code is easy to get. The last thing i want is cheaters wrecking the game and then nobody playing the game because there is no effective anti-cheat system. And even if the team created an anti-cheat system, they wouldn't be able to play with their modified builds which they would be testing for the next build release. If you really suck at the game, I suggest switching your control type and lowering the difficulty. Full on keyboard and joystick are difficult to learn with zero experience playing with them. All my friends who cant play worth a damn I tell them to fly mouse and they seem to do just fine.

Quote from: Lagorite;67765
Well, they land in the flight pods. Not the launch tubes. The pods are quite a bit bigger. But I agree that it would be cool with landings.

Turey and I have been discussing the landing actually, but since I doubt anyone would be able to land the fighter manually, there would have to be some sort of system to assist you, there is no way landing would work manually anyways.

Quote from: Unknown Target;67992
Another thing the show has plenty of is nukes. Would be cool to have a nuclear detonation every now and then (either fired by the cylons, raiders sometimes carry them), or maybe even have a mission where you deploy one yourself?
Would be cool if your instruments went beserk for a while when caught near the blast, as a result of EMP..

I don't see why's just another weapon. Also, Freespace 2 already has a system in place where if you get hit by an EMP attack your HUD goes nuts.

Trust me people, EMP is the most annoying weapon to get hit by, all it does is make your hud blink and scramble and itsinsanely annoying. So the use of an EMP missle is pretty stupid, I still strongly suggest not using EMP in the game for the two reasons of, people HATE EMP effects, and the emp totally frys fighters systems in the show, making it extremly annoying to play a mission with bombs because you keep getting your flight control systems fried, and probably killed when a cylon comes along and sees you. And heres no point in just adding the EMP flag to the nukes because the FS2 style EMP's are not like the show. Plus, bombing without shields is already a fucking pain in the ass, dont make it worse.

Quote from: Herra Tohtori;68112
Quote from: Volw;68109
I just can't wait to hear some 12yr old kid nicknamed 'Adama3215362' screaming over comms

Exactly the reason why I don't really think voice comms should be high priority code change.

Those who want to listen to mentioned screaming can do it... I will not likely bother do that.

You can turn the built-in voice off in host options.

Quote from: Adalla;68217
Actually something I noticed in MP. The only stat that I can see are my kills, nad the kills of the top 3 or 4 people I think. It would be good to have a stats screen with everybody's kills, deaths etc. And an end of mission stats screen.

Thats been in Freespace since FS1, in the upper left press statistics, then to see another pilots score you just click their name on the lower right.

Quote from: Przemo-c;68405
2 Joystick control ... it would be great if you could make not only deadzone adjustable but to be able to adjust recponce curve to joistick input... adjusting that for example moving lever by from 0-1cm would result in in smaller movement on screen than from 1-2cm.

press F2, you can set it in there.

Quote from: Przemo-c;68405
3. Making "waypoints" the ability to  point at something or marking current position that you could come back to for example enrty tunnel easier.

The problem with that is your distance from the waypoint, just simply trying to set a waypoint would probably just set one up at the coordinate your located at because theres no way to set the distance of it, either that or it would freeze the game because it would setup a waypoint infinite meters away from you. A better way to setup waypoints by being able to choose a waypoint from pre-selected coodinates set by the mission designer.

Quote from: Foo;69096
hehe, for some reason I just had a horrible flash back of Star Wars Ep 1...stupid battle driods...."uh oh"

If your talking about what Jar Jar said, he actually said, "Dumb Droid!!!"

Quote from: Raptorrat;69133
Nah, it isn't. Just have the sound of a dial-up modem connecting

You can actually make that sound with any connection, you just need to plug a speaker to your phoneline and plug your DSL directly into the wall instead of a filter, you can do the same with 56k. If you dont have either of those, you can plug a speaker into your ethernet line. But with the use of anything faster then dialup its probably just gunna sound like a bunch of clicks or screaching or maybe nothing at all if your running a gigabit network.

Quote from: flatbeet;69221
so I see that there will be a non-flying part of the game developed too, am I right? I mean the game won`t insist on just clicking from one briefing to another? There will be a developed characters, a simple deck life, am I right? Will I be able to follow other pilot`s progress? I mean things like scoreboard or something like that, beeing able to chat with them?

I dont mean to point you away from this amazing game but if your looking for a game with that discription, you would probably find Freelancer fits that discription a lot better. The only limitation it has is that you control your ship with the mouse, no other forms of control are availble to use.

Quote from: flatbeet;69221
Also I suppose that the main menu window will change into something more friendly or realistic like deck view or other main place on Battlestar...

Yes that is intended for the Final release so I am told.

Quote from: gbtf67;69826
Raiders need to be easier to kill, like 5 hits in the show

Uh... actually the games already like that. You just need to hit the target 5 times :p

Quote from: karajorma;74463
Space to atmosphere transitions are not supported by the engine at the moment. We can do in-atmosphere missions (check out the Shadows of Lylat or Twisted Infinities mods for proof of that) but the transition isn't currently possible.

That reminds me when Turey and I were messing around on shadows of lylat on his computer and he blew up the race track planet thing by accedent, not knowing it was posible LOL.

Quote from: Spike12;74605
I don't know if this has been addressed or not, but I think the HUD text could be a bit brighter, because as it is I had some trouble casually reading it.

Press L and it will increase the brightness of the HUD without increasing the brightness of the envirement.

if you guys ever need a host or want someone to play with, im almost always availble with the exception of tuesdays, thursdays and fridays from 9am-2pmish (PST) but im almost always home after 4pm (PST) on those days.

FS2NetD / FS2 mission validation request
« on: July 17, 2007, 12:49:36 AM »
but we will still have our lobby, right?

FS2NetD / FS2 mission validation request
« on: July 17, 2007, 12:30:40 AM »
FS2 adds 150MB to multi.log file every time it checks the CRC's, you need to delete it after every game other wise it lags.

Quote from: taylor;76843
I'm using FS2NetD2 and not the old one that everyone is using.  But, that does rule out a database problem at the least.

So we are just getting a new fs2netd in the next build then, not a pxo?

you may have gotten over 100 kills in a single mission, but you also have to conider what difficulty your on and how many deaths you had before you ended the mission. 100 kills is extremely easy to get. But if you got your difficulty set to hard or insane, thats what really counts. I can name countless times I have gotten over 350 kills on only 15 respawns in the mission called doomsday, but did I have it on hard or insane? no.

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