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General Discussion / Water in the heart
« on: May 29, 2005, 04:25:58 PM »
thanks guys

I keep trying to stay strong, and i .... fight tears on occassion such as this.  I'm afraid.  i guess that's the bottom line.  i'll let you guys when i next hear news.

General Discussion / Water in the heart
« on: May 28, 2005, 09:51:41 PM »
ok, most of you know that i was taken out of commission due to an eye accident. I am fully recovered, and fs2 is only as blurry as it ever was to me...which is to say that it rocks. i have been gone much longer than my recovery time was.

during the recovery, my fiance, you guys know her as Sapphire here at HLP came ill. They've found water in her heart, and fluid in her lungs brought on by rheumatic fever. She may require surgery on her valve, and she may not recover. If she recovers it wil be months before she does, and if she doesn't...we'll lose her.

I know that most people here aren't religeous at all, but for those who are, if you could pray, for those who aren't...if you could do whatever yuou do when someone is in your thoughts, i would um...greatly apreciate it.

This is very scary to me personally, i don't want to lose her.

If you want to send her a card, i'll give you her email.

Thanks guys.

General Discussion / Sorry Guys
« on: April 15, 2005, 03:42:00 AM »
I don't feel like posting this in each mod that i am involved with, so here it is. today at work there was an unfortunate mishap. An electric stove that i was testing cut loose. one of the burners exploded, my face was directly above it. I got shrapnel from the fully heated burner in my eyes, but luckily i had closed them before the heated gases that would have blinded me hit. Reading this while i write it is quite painful, even with the pain pills and the dark shades on. So i apologize for the fact that i will be out of commission for the most for a yet undetermined amount of time.

The eyes will heal, but the doc says that my right eye looks like it was hit with a shotgun blast, there are a ton of abrasions and burns to the cornea, and a bad one on my left eye, with some more of the smaller ones.

The only thing that i can do before i go out of commission totally is to upload the voices for TBP. I'll get that done in the morning, but right now the drugs have kicked in, and i am going to be heading for bed soon.

General Discussion / Oh man.....I've crossed the line.....
« on: April 10, 2005, 10:37:39 PM »

General Discussion / A day in Egypt
« on: April 08, 2005, 03:22:19 AM »
ok guys, this is a strange request......

As some of you know, and most don't, i am involved in a medeival recreation group.  We study history, and step into it for the weekend.  Anyway, some times we get into fighting and competing (every facet of what we do is a competition), that we forget the study and learning.  So, last night and today i have been in meetings and have gotten the go ahead from our financial committee to run "A Day in Egypt".  

The entire weekend will have an Egyptian theme.  I am looking for ideas for games played in ancient Egypt, things that i can do to enhance the atmosphere, any courses that can be taught with little or no equipment, etc etc etc.

The event will still be centered around fighting, and we have a tournament set up involving riddles from the Sphynx.  For light fighters (more a fencing style than actual heavy combat) we have the hunt for the book of the dead.  Arts and science, Bardic (song and story).  basically anything you guys can come up with i may be able to use, and i could certainly use the help in this.


General Discussion / *is laughing*
« on: April 07, 2005, 12:50:39 AM »
Goob is pregnant?

General Freespace / My New Project (TUHOTFU) (porn)
« on: April 03, 2005, 12:51:01 AM »
To be honest, i would attempt to go from canon.  Hear me out on this.  use the tech room descriptions and try to develop the dates from those.  Also....If the dates (roundabout) are not given, i would back it up a hundred years.  I just don't see the fleet being the size that it is during the 14 years war, with it only being built in 50 years.  50 years for the world to come together under the banner of the GTA, AND build one hell of a fleet.....not enough time in my opinion.  the rest is good though.

The only thing that i would the fenris part, i would make all ships at the stage of the GTA creation be a generation before the fenris/leviathan/orion era.  Know what i mean?

Other than that, it's really good.

General Discussion / Mercenary....Fan fic
« on: April 01, 2005, 04:29:26 AM »
ok, it's 2/3 of the way finished.  when it is done i plan to post the actual .doc file, fully compiled.

General Discussion / Mercenary....Fan fic
« on: April 01, 2005, 02:13:57 AM »
is anyone reading this?

General Discussion / Mercenary....Fan fic
« on: March 31, 2005, 05:36:56 AM »

Though no one would have begrudged him showing up in clothing comfortable to his burns, Phillip would not hear of it.  He’d been allowed to wake, and remembered the aaaf hit.  His first thought was to ask after Tabitha, and then Gawain.  Tabitha was a little worse for wear, and once his wits were about him, he’d asked her what was wrong.  The haunted look in her eyes was evidence enough that things were not right.  The news hit him like a hammer blow.  All thoughts of Gawain were gone, as he pulled Tabitha to him.  That was two days ago.

Dressing was quite a painful ordeal, and he would accept no help to ease the pain that movement caused while putting on his dress uniform.  Movement only caused the pain as he pulled the black pants on, and then the boots.  He checked to see that the red stripe running down the outside of each pant leg went in at the boot seam, and then went for the jacket.  The short sleeve shirt would offer protection from it rubbing against his burns, but the arms and neck were another story.  The Charcoal gray jacket of the Iron Horde was pulled on slowly, and painfully.  The left side of the “blunted V” was buttoned first, and each of the ten gold buttons on that side were painful.  Then the Black flap of the “V” it self was closed on the right side of the front.  With the left side done, the tugging and rubbing was excruciating.  Last was the buttoning of the banded collar at the neck, also in black.  Now that his uniform was on, he placed the Red shoulder board on his left shoulder and attached it, the red meant that he was a Pilot, the Mace crossed with the Sword denoting him as a Commander.  The half cape came next.  Worn over the right shoulder with the rope going under the left arm and attaching to the other side of the cape, the cape was the most painful part of all to get into.  Three times Tabitha had to be told no; he would not accept her help.

The last items to be put on were the belt, which bound the jacket at the waist, and held the scabbard for the cutlass that he carried.  The hilt of the cutlass gleamed its high polished gold.  Only then did he actually allow Tabitha to help him, as she had always done when he had to wear the uniform.  She gently placed the ribbons and awards in the proper places.  First she placed his wings, next came the campaign ribbons, and finally, his ribbons denoting him as a marksman.  The last was the braided red and white rope that would loop under the shoulder board, denoting him as the Command Air Group, Iron Horde.

He reached out and hugged her gently.  She gingerly returned the hug, fearful of his burns, and together they walked the few steps to the hangar bay, where the funeral would be held.  Each lost in their own thoughts as they entered, yet taking some small measure of comfort from the fact that they were there for one another in this dark hour.  Neither noticed that all eyes were on them as they took their seats in the front row.  

There was no spiritual leader to perform a ceremony, so it fell to the Commanding Officer of the Military Assets, newly commissioned Colonel Mike Geisendorff.  

Tabitha tried to pay attention, but her thoughts kept wandering.  She knew that there was nothing that could have been done, nothing at all, but that did little to ease the pain.  

“He was never more proud of a crew than he is of the people in the Iron …..” he was saying.  Her thoughts were on her childhood, with both him and her mother, until her mother just one day was gone.  She’d left a note, and explained that simply couldn’t take it anymore, that she was leaving them.  Three months later they were informed of her suicide.  Now they were both gone.  

She came out of her reverie to the sound of her name, and knew that it was time for her to speak.  She slowly stood, and Phillip stood with her, escorting her to the makeshift podium.  He knelt on one knee while she went forward to it, and then turned to face the gathered crowd.  Though it wasn’t mandatory that all off duty personnel attend, she knew that they were all there, from the Bannockburn, the Fire, and the Brimstone.  The place was filled to capacity.

She looked out in the crowd, studying the faces of those where present, afraid to begin.  She had no idea what she would say.  She hadn’t prepared anything.  How do you sum up your father in a few sentences?

Slowly, unbidden, and uncontrolled, tears came down her cheeks.  She could think of nothing to say.  She looked into the crowd, unashamed, and saw that a lot of them had broken as well.  She stood, silently crying before the Horde, and with the Horde.  All she could think was, I need you daddy.  All that she could say was, “We love you daddy.”

At that, the low mournful sound of a drone bagpipe played.  And her father’s Phosphorus and Magnesium coffin was set ablaze.  The top burned brightly as it was launched from the bay and into space, all eyes on the monitor behind Tabitha, watching as their commander met his fitting end; burning in space to Amazing Grace on the bagpipes, as was his heritage.

Tmp2 / Before the hounds are unleashed......
« on: March 30, 2005, 03:04:12 AM »
ok time out, first, you aren't getting paid, so they can't ask for royalties.  2nd, they are getting free advertising for what will undoubtedly be a favored franchise.  To be honest, since there is no money exchanging hands, i don't think that they will much care.

Origins / missions 10 and 11 screenies.
« on: March 30, 2005, 02:55:34 AM »
and just a few more

Origins / missions 10 and 11 screenies.
« on: March 30, 2005, 02:17:21 AM »
just to show you this.

General Discussion / Mercenary....Fan fic
« on: March 29, 2005, 05:46:41 AM »

Tabitha stared down into her father’s face, he was a mess, but even caved in, he didn’t look as bad as he really was.  She’d spent the night running back and forth between his bed and Phillip’s, and she wasn’t the slightest bit tired.  The stress was getting to her, she knew, but she couldn’t have slept if she tried.  Phillip wasn’t awake yet, but that was by design, they were keeping him out.  They would allow him to wake in the morning, and once he was up and about, they would find out about any adverse effects of the electric shock.  

When he took the hit, it struck near high voltage cables, the ship became the conductor, and the insulation in the helmet was overcome.  He was literally knocked senseless by the blast.  He still had plenty of Life support in his suit when the pick up arrived, but Pepper had less than a minute.  They had both nearly died.  Her father on the other hand, was dying.  The doctor’s had decided that it would be best to keep him under sedation, for the pain, but it wasn’t the explanation for his still not having woken up.  That was another matter entirely, he was in a coma.  He would never wake up.  The full force of it all had yet to hit Tabitha, she was still in shock over the day’s events.  Lt. Colonel Geisendorff was with her at all times, and the doctors and nurses were in a state of constant alert to her presence, not knowing her reaction once the shock wears off.

Tabitha stared down into her father’s face, the man who had protected her, who had raised her, who taught her right from wrong, and more important, gave her the knowledge of Honor.  He was by far the most honorable man she had ever known, yeah he had his quirks, but he was a good and decent man, and didn’t deserve this.  

“Mike?”  she asked

“Right here.  Whaddya need?”  Lt. Colonel Geisendorff asked.

“I want Pepper and dragon to receive commendations.”

“Tab I know that I can keep them from any serious trouble over this, but they were defying orders.  I know that what they did saved Phillip’s life, and we are all indebted to them for that, but they risked losing two more planes, and two other pilots out there, and that is unacceptable.”

Tabitha still hadn’t looked up from her father.  She had always hated the way hospitals smelled.  “They are exactly what the Iron Horde is, courageous, and loyal, and caring more for each other than for ourselves.  They aren’t rule breakers, they are heroes, and deserve to be treated as such.  Phillip would be dead right now if not for them.  Worse than that, the C.A.G. of this command would be dead.  We both know that dad was grooming Phillip to take control and be the C.A.G. of the entire Horde, because dad thought it was best for all of us.  They didn’t disobey an order, they did what they knew to be right, what was best for all concerned, and were willing to die for it.  They aren’t the heroes of me.  They are heroes of the Iron Horde, and exemplify what we are.  I have never in my life witnessed an act more selfless.  There was no debate, no planning, they knew what had to be done and they did it.  I want them to have commendations, and I know that my father would give it to them.”

Mike looked like he wanted to be anywhere but where he was. Which in reality wasn’t at all what he was feeling, he was just wanting to have any conversation other than the one he was in.  

He was spared replying to her when she abruptly turned and walked through the separation curtain.  He knew exactly where she was going; she was going to Phillip now.  He gave her a few minutes of alone time, time to mull things over.  She was right, and he knew it.  They had disobeyed a direct order and were heroes for it.  They had put everything in jeopardy, and came out untouchable.  On the other hand, if they had failed, they would be dead.  The gamble paid off.

Tabitha walked over to Phillip’s bed; he looked surprisingly good, all things considered.  His hair was singed, and he had obvious burns.  Other than that he looked fine.  What was this going to do to him psychologically?   Would again hold on too tight, and become the shell of who he once was?  Would their unborn child ever know the man she fell in love with?  Did she ever want him to fly again?  Right now, all she could think about was the fact that he was safe.  

Dragon and Pepper had come home to heroes welcome, and then been summarily confined to quarters.   She didn’t care; Phillip was alive because of them.  Any other action would have been far too late.  She needed to know that he was ok.  She needed to know that he was who her father originally thought he was, and again thought he was.

She turned back to go look in on her father.

Mike still stood in the room with his closest friend.  Damn we’ve been through a lot, he thought to himself.  It was all coming together so nicely.  Dammit why’d you have to be the one?  Why couldn’t you just stay your ass in CiC where it belonged?  He knew the answers though.  Because he wasn’t the Commanding Officer of the Iron Horde, he WAS the Iron Horde.  They were in a hostile environment, and they had lost the C.O.  There were standing orders locked in a safe in Mike’s Quarters, and he had to go and get them.  He had never looked at them, never even contemplated looking at them; he was always so sure that of all of them, Colonel James Macaullay was the one closest to being immortal.

He heard Tabitha’s footsteps coming up behind him, and realized that they had no time to grieve.  They were both losing someone special to them, but they were Iron Horde, and would persevere, they would go on.  Right now, they had work to do.

“Tab, I have to run to my cabin real quick, and we need to talk.  Wait for me here.”

“Sure Mike,” was the reply she gave, her eyes never leaving her father.

He took a step away, and did something absolutely uncharacteristic for him.  He slipped his arm around her, and kissed her lightly on the top of the head.  At first there was no movement from her, but then, slowly, he began to feel her weight as she leaned against him, and buried her face.  It was then her tears flowed, and he knew that he could do nothing to stop them, and at the same time, he couldn’t allow himself the luxury that he was giving her.  He felt her arms around him and she held him tightly, her body wracked with sobs and all he could do was allow her the use of his shoulder.  He knew that she was too smart for any of the clichés, or any of the “I wish I could make it all better.”  He knew that all he could do for her now was to let her cry.  

She didn’t go into hysterics, but it was all starting to sink in, and he knew she would be a mess soon if she didn’t have something keeping her busy.  Twenty minutes later they were back at Jim’s bed, the Orders having been read.  They were simple; Mike was to take command of all military assets, Tabitha was to take command of logistics and administration, Phillip was to take command of all fighter and bomber assets.  He was to be the C.A.G. for the entire Horde.  Mike was also to take command of all ground units.  The three of them were to form a command triumvirate, and would then run the Iron Horde as they saw fit to run it.  James Macaullay was confident that the three of them could work together and make the Iron Horde even better than it was, and it was currently one of the Elite in Mercenary circles.

Pathways / Pathways is Moving
« on: March 29, 2005, 03:48:21 AM »
good deal guys

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