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58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / communication
« on: April 24, 2007, 06:35:15 AM »
I hope speech won't be mandatory... I don't use it in multi.

In response to Sparky's PM (I've already replied to the PM but he said sign in here as well):

Pilot    : Tvrtko
Callsign: Outlaw

I think someone mentioned this before, but having an option to actually see the cockpit while flying would be really great (and look around it, possibly with the mouse and/or the joystick HAT switch). I understand it reduces visibility, and players who don't like that can keep this option off - but I've always found that it helps to make the player feel like he's really there - a feeling too many games lack lately.
Also, I don't know how doable - or practical - would this be, but some sort of manual thruster control, for advanced maneuvres?
Another thing the show has plenty of is nukes. Would be cool to have a nuclear detonation every now and then (either fired by the cylons, raiders sometimes carry them), or maybe even have a mission where you deploy one yourself?
Would be cool if your instruments went beserk for a while when caught near the blast, as a result of EMP..
Also, I don't know if this will fit the plot you guys put together, and I don't know if anyone mentioned this before (I didn't go through all 11 pages, sorry), but having the Galactica (or even the Pegasus) at least prepare it's nukes to fire (as seen in BSG episode "The Eye of Jupiter", where Adama preps the nukes and threatens to deploy them agains the temple on the planet surface). I always thought the Galactica looked great with all those nukes in firing position :)

Tmp2 / Theory about the 12 colonies...
« on: March 17, 2007, 12:24:45 PM »
Quote from: Rezzy;59933
@ prometheus :  erm "lightyears" is distance, I think the word you're after is just "years" :p

I think he knows that. You can use distance analogy just as well as a temporal one, to describe just how far away we are from certain technologies.

Tmp2 / First French Squad "Dragons" Operational
« on: March 11, 2007, 02:41:10 PM »
Quote from: Crixx;59418
French squad?

Will you valiantly fight Cylons using white flags?

heh... may not be the most politicaly correct statement I ever heard, but funny nonetheless ;)

58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / Signups for the 58th
« on: March 11, 2007, 10:27:45 AM »
Newman here. Wouldn't mind joining if there's an opening. Wasted my childhood playing games like Privateer, Wing Commander(s), X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-W vs Tie, X-Wing alliance.. So I might actually know what the hell I'm doing from time to time ;)

Tmp2 / Good News/Bad News About BSG Season 4
« on: March 10, 2007, 02:51:10 PM »
And why would anyone be concerned about the number of polys, provided they do the job within the specified time frame and the quality is on the level? I'd say Zoic guys know what they're doing. If they think a scene needs 4 million polys (this is not really that much for movie-grade 3d work), I trust their judgement. And, they've probably got hardware to boot.
edit: what do you mean by season 2 galactica having 4 million polys? what exactly does?

Tmp2 / Is The Starboard Hangar Deck Ever Going To Get Fixed?
« on: March 08, 2007, 10:41:10 PM »
I don't see why tuning the controls sensitivity would be such a tough task.. but I agree, letting every pilot mess with avionics and controls is not something that any military would allow. Military doctrine states that you will adjust to the system, not vice-versa. You're expected to follow orders using the hardware you were trained for. What they don't want is for everyone to develop a brain - that leads to chaos in the field. As Starbuck once said - "they say shoot, we shoot" ;)
It is possible they let the aces and the high - rankers to have customized planes, but I don't think they let the average pilot tweak anything.
As for Starbuck keeping the mkII - well, as I said before, I speculate that without the advanced electronic and networking, the mkII is comparable in maneuvrability and firepower to the mkVII. It's possible she hung on to the ship because she developed an emotional attachment to it. I would.. :)

Tmp2 / Is The Starboard Hangar Deck Ever Going To Get Fixed?
« on: March 08, 2007, 10:32:54 AM »
Actually, if I remember correctly, most of the mkVII's advantage over the older lines of vipers is it's advanced avionics, sensors, and networked computer system. Since these systems are susceptible to cylon viruses, they had to give up most of these advantages to make the VIIs usable at all. Without these systems, the mkVII would be comparable to the mkII. Both are very maneuvrable, and carry similar firepower. And since they lost the Pegasus, and with it the means to produce new fighters as needed, it makes sense that they'd want to keep every fighter flying.
Also, the mkII looks better ;)

Tmp2 / I met Admiral Adama....
« on: February 01, 2007, 08:21:59 PM »
After Patric Stewart and his role as Picard, Edward James Olmos was the first actor to play a sci-fi captain and really convince me that he is a captain - he was perfect for the role of Adama. At any rate, just don't go all fanboy on him (should be fairly difficult, I know, but try to restrain yourself :)) and you just might earn this guy's respect over time.
Oh, and congrats! About Turambar's idea about voice-acting - if organized properly, it can take a not-so big ammount of time. So maybe he'd actually be willing to do this.. definitely worth a shot.

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