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Tmp2 / Episode 317 - Discussion **Spoilers**
« on: February 26, 2007, 05:41:05 AM »
Since 317 - "Maelstrom" is expected to be a big-consequences episode, I anticipate that we'll be getting some in-depth discussion of it.  To start things off, here's the description of the episode from the Canadian Space channel's website:

[spoiler]Kara questions her sanity when a dogfight with a Cylon raider ends unexpectedly, and later she has recollections of her abusive mother and nightmares about her time on New Caprica.[/spoiler]

Tmp2 / Ep 3x13 **Spoilers**
« on: January 08, 2007, 01:31:22 AM »
Well, its 2 weeks 'till 3x12 "Rapture" hits the small screen, and here I am delivering spoilers for the following episode.  Well, I saw these pictures and I just HAD to post this.

THIS link, (often posted here) has some images up for 3x13, "Taking a Break From All Your Worries".  You can follow the link to see for yourself, but here is a rough summary (with a spoilered conclusion).  From what I can gather:

-Baltar is returned to Colonial custody, probably during "Rapture"
-Lee appears to be considering ending his marriage (image 312-4)
-There looks to be a dream sequence of Baltar (image 312-6)
-I'm not going to say it out loud (so read the spoiler part below), but pay extremely close attention to images 312-8 and 312-9
[spoiler]-Based on my interpretation, colonials execute Baltar (given the look of that head strap on his head), and he wakes up in a Cylon resurrection tub, because... HE'S A CYLON!!![/spoiler]

Granted, my interpretations could easily be wrong.  Judge for yourselves.

Tmp2 / Possible BSG DTV Movie
« on: January 02, 2007, 02:49:45 AM »
I read this over at Dark Horizons, that Universal may be considering a Direct-To-Video movie for BSG.  They quoted a story over at Geek Montly.

Follow the DIRECT LINK for the full story.

Tmp2 / Attn: Modelers; Another Restriction About to be Squashed
« on: November 13, 2006, 03:58:02 AM »
Obviously, WMC and Kara would already know about this, but to any aspiring modelers for BSG and BTRL, or other projects, you may be interested to hear that things like side-mounted multi-part turrets, may no longer be the stuff of fantasy.  A test build and model, released by Bobbeau over on HLP at THIS thread, is available.  Worth investigating.

Tmp2 / Book Synopsis "Saggitarius is Bleeding"
« on: October 31, 2006, 06:45:53 AM »
This book is far more involved than "Cylon's Secret" was, so the synopsis will be comparatively longer.

The book takes place during Season 2, after "Black Market", because that engineer is now in command of Pegasus, but before Sacrifice, as Billy is still around.  The story revolves around dreams and hallucinations that Roslin is having, as well as a group of religions separatists called "Midguardians", an apparent breach of internal security which results in the Cylons having advance knowledge of Colonial jump plotting, and Boxey who is having some contact with Sharon Valerii and the Midguardians.

As the story begins, Roslin is having disturbing dreams about the Map Room on Kobol, except that the statue of Sagittarius has blood pouring from it, and then all the statues do, then they start to crumble and fall down on her.  Also, Cylons attack the fleet, but they're not actually trying to destroy anything.  Adama realizes that they're trying to force them to jump, so he has a Raptor jump ahead to the co-ordinates, and sure enough it is almost destroyed by a swarm of raiders with more Basestars nearby.  It jumps back to report, so Adama orders a blind jump.  It nearly results in their destruction, as Gaeta's plot jumps them right near a star.  Galactica is nearby rammed from behind as Pegasus is nearly pulled into it by the star's gravity.  A sweep of the CIC and personnel finds no bugs or malicious programs that would be transmitting their FTL calculations to the Cylons, so Adama reluctantly agrees to Tigh's plan to plant bugs in the private quarters of anyone who works in CIC or has high clearance... including Baltar.  Roslin asked Adama to keep an eye on Baltar (though didn't give him a reason for it, being her half-recollection of Balter and Six on Caprica, during "Epiphanies").  Adama orders Tigh that this is ONLY to check for Cylons and Cylon sympathizers, and will not be used as evidence it someone is performing some other low-priority crime.

At the same time, Boxey is getting chummy with the Viper pilots, and becoming quite the poker player (or whatever that game is).  He gets himself shuttled between Galactica and a ship called the Peacemaker, where he's been learning some tricks from pickpockets.  During the Cylon attack, he was on Galactica and managed to sneak into the detention area where Sharon Valerii was, and had a conversation with her.  He was basically asking alot of questions about whether her predecessor saving him was part of some Cylon plot, and how much she remembers about the incident.  It appears in fact, that Caprica Sharon recalls some of Galactica Sharon's memories, even after the two kinda parted company so to speak.  The Marine guards eventually find him and cart him off to Baltar's lab for a Cylon check (yes, it seems that they're still using his detector, even after the Sharon fiasco).  Baltar checks him out, and despite urging from Six to label him as a Cylon, he refuses... however orders from Tigh and Adama, result in Boxey being denied access from the Galactica, at least for the time being, at least until Kara can sweet-talk Adama, who can lean on Tigh, to loosen the rules a bit.  So, for the moment, he get's shipped to the Peacemaker.

Also, on the Astral Queen, a representative of the Midguardians, a man named Wolf Gunnerson, and his daughter Freya, come to see Zarek.  The Midguardians are a group of people who follow the book of Edda, a scripture which the rest of the Colonies rejected because it was too dark.  It seems that most of it predicts doom... who'd'a thunk it eh?  It seems that the Midguardians want equal representation in the Quorum of 12, as a 13th colony, making Earth the 14th.  He's skeptical, but he agrees to talk to Roslin about it.  In the meantime, Roslin's dreams are getting more vivid, with blood being a recurring theme.  Often, her dreams appear mimic normality, which begins to distort her sense of reality.  Furthermore, she starts to get hallucinations in a waking state, which result in some instances similar to her situation of "Hand of God" in season 1, when she sees the snakes on the podium.  However, she's been clean of Kamala for months now, so she can't figure out what's going on.  Eventually, she lets Billy in on the situation, but swears him to secrecy, and is flat against telling Adama, not wanting to show weakness.  Roslin's dreams and hallucinations also start including Sharon Valerii, who appears to be threatening her.  As she attempts to continue on in her daily routine of official duties, she's constantly trying to ignore her hallucinations, and she briefly and half-jokingly remarks to herself that the way she must appear to be acting, reminds her oddly of some of Baltar's unusual mannerisms, as though he's trying to ignore something that only he can see.

She also experiences her hallucinations during an interview with Wolf Gunnerson, who asks that she allow him to address the Quorum on the possibility of being made another colony with equal representation.  He tells her that the Edda has some rather accurate predictions for the future, which in fact told the tale of the Colonies obliteration, as well as the rag-tag fleet which would escape with Galactica and later Pegasus, protecting them... though all of this is written far less straight-up, but more prophecy-ish.  Roslin is intrigued by this, as Wolf pledges that if they accept the Midguardians and the Edda, then the prophecies of the Edda can be made to serve the fleet, including a reference to a bridge to their new home, which Wolf speculates could be a wormhole to Earth.  Roslin takes his request under advisement.

As Boxey returns to the Peacemaker, to be met by Freya Gunnerson, who is apparently a friend of his, as well as a lawyer.  He tells her (reluctantly) about Sharon Valerii being in the prison, so Freya decides to make herself Sharon's Lawyer and heads over to the Galactica to see to Sharon's well being and proper treatment, and declares that she will force Adama to release her into society.  At the same time, on Six's urging, Baltar discretely checks his lab for listening devices, and finds the one Tigh placed.  Realizing that he's under suspicion, he takes Six's advice and decides to implicate Boxey as a possible Cylon.  He makes a recording to a mini personal tape recorder, knowing that the bug will pick up his words.  Tigh's bugs also pick up an interesting recording.  Billy was visiting Dualla for dinner, and the two had a bit of a falling out.  Billy was late, due to the President's hallucination problems, but couldn't discuss it with Dualla, which made her more annoyed.  Then he kinda laid things on the table so to speak, expressing that considering their positions, its gonna be difficult for them to maintain a relationship when they have to keep secrets from each other as an operational necessity.  They way he said it, was a bit too final sounding, so Dualla was understandably ticked, though she agreed with everything he said inwardly, but she remarked internally, that her feelings for Lee were growing, and she wasn't gonna count him out until she was sure.  I'm guessing that they were trying to fill in a bit of the gap in that relationship triangle leading up to "Sacrifice".  Anyway, after Dualla storms out of the room, Billy just matter-of-fact speaks allowed to Dualla, as if she was there, and briefly but concisely lays out the situation with the President's dreams and hallucinations, not realizing that he's being bugged.

More on the situation with the President, while trying to quantify her visions in terms other than "I'm going completely crazy", and based on some of her visions, she's getting a notion that perhaps she's developed some kind of subconscious telepathic link to either Sharon Valerii, or perhaps her child.  All this makes it into Billy's solitary rant, and thus into Tigh's recording.  When Adama learns of this, he confronts Roslin, descretely, which also forces him to tell her about the bugging program, which she's understandably not too happy about, but agrees to let it go on for the purposes of protecting the fleet.  He also suggests that they visit Sharon Valerii in her cell, to confront her to see if she knows anything about this connection.  The conversation doesn't go well, and Sharon appears to know nothing, but having Roslin being a bit defensive from the get-go, kinda sabotages the possibility of any constructive results.  In fact, at one point, Sharon clams up and refuses to talk without the presence of her Lawyer.  However, as they're leaving, she angrily suggests that the blood from her fetus is infesting Roslin, and she's actually being transformed into a Cylon, which would make her the "Enemy" to the rest of humanity.

After an official request from Baltar to have Boxey brought back to Galactica for re-testing, as apparently the original blood sample was "contaminated", Adama sends Kara and Helo over to the Bitfrost, the ship owned and populated by Midguardians, where he's taken up temporary residence.  However, when the two show up, Boxey is quietly skeptical and resists their enticements for him to come back, to see just how far they'd go in trying to convince him to leave with them.  Eventually, he flat-out refuses and then bolts for the door.  He manages to elude the two when he leaps into an overhead air duct, but they can't pursue as they're apprehended by Wolf and his guards.  He accuses them of stealing the Edda, which has gone missing.

Back on Galactica, Freya is meeting with Sharon about further plans to get the Colonies to recognize her freedom, when Adama interrupts with news of the incident on the Bitfrost, and plans to take her into custody as a bargaining chip.  However, when she denies any knowledge or involvement with that situation, Sharon, asks for a private moment with Adama, where she tells him the Freya is lying, and that Cylons have some neural "software" so to speak, to allow them to identify all the visual signs of humans lying, as well as beating them.  Needing the answers to what Freya realy knows, he agrees to give Freya over to Sharon, who will extract the information, at a cost of a favor from Adama.  It seems that Cylons are also equipped with all the knowledge of the human body to be able to perform torture without leaving any visual indications afterwards, but still causing more pain than one would normally experience.  Sharon succeeds in forcing out the admission, that Freya herself in fact stole the Edda, hoping to incite some kind of incident, when she heard that Kara and Helo were on their way over.  Freya is returned to the Bitfrost under guard, along with the Edda, while Wolf had agreed to travel to Colonial One to meet with the Quorum both to present his plea for recognition, and to act as a good will exchange.  Kara and Helo would be released after that point.

At one point, Baltar is called to meet with Roslin to present reports on the possibility of the Cylon Fetus' blood interacting and altering her own biology (IE, turning her into a Cylon), but her hallucinations allow her to see Six standing and interacting with Baltar... quietly, and Roslin even talks aloud to him, asking what Six was doing there.  Fortunately for Baltar, Roslin believes afterwards that her seeing Baltar interacting with Six could in fact have been completely an hallucination, and that Baltar wasn't speaking to Six at all.

Meanwhile in CIC, Tigh is quitely fuming about how he can't seem to figure out how the Cylons managed to get their FTL plot, when he observes Gaeta talking to himself quietly as he was working and calculating.  He returned quietly with a bug-detection device, and scanned Gaeta's hand, which turned out to have a bug implated within it.  They manage to fool the Cylons by saying one thing aloud, but using hand signals and written messages to convey the real orders.  In fact, there's a funny part as Tigh enters the bridge with the detector, he has Gaeta a piece of paper that says, "hold out your hands and shut up".  Then, when he finds the bug, he hands him another piece (already pre-written) that says "plot us a new set of FTL calculations, and keep your frakkin mouth shut".  Then, he turns back to Adama and holds up a piece that says "not bad for an old fart, eh?".  It's then that things heat up.

Cylons attack, trying to force another FTL attack as before, but at the same time, Wolf Gunnerson is on Colonial One, and reads a transcript of some of the Edda, but its not what he read to Roslin.  The piece that he reads, at least according to his summary, indicates that ALL the colonies population should have been wiped out with the Cylon attack, and that he will take steps to complete that prophecy.  At that moment, the Bitfrost comes about and makes for a collision course with Colonial One.  On the Bitrost, the now-released Kara and Helo, with the help of the 2 marines that escorted Freya over, having briefly and quite unexpectedly apprehended Boxey, suddenly find themselves with the task of taking control of the Bitfrost.  Unfortunately, the door to the command deck is locked and made of reinforced materials.  They agree to let Boxey attempt to get in through the air ducts.  He succeeds, but is shot by Freya in the chest as he opens the door... its implied that he's dead.  Kara and Helo manage to avoid a collision (though the two ships to scrape a bit), and are forced to kill Freya and her 2 guards.

The fleet manages to escape the Cylons and jumps to a new location.  Wolf Gunnerson is in a state of shock at his prophecy not being fulfilled... that and the death of his daughter... a state of mind shared by another enemy of Humanity... D'Anna Biers.  Still posing as a reporter, she'd had a small part in convincing one of the Quorum members to agree to Gunnerson's request to address the Quorum, and it was she that had implanted the bug in Gaeta's hand, while giving him a hand-shake during "Final Cut".  She however, could mask her irritation at the Colonials having escaped the Cylons' clutches twice in a row like that.  Roslin is informed by Baltar, that her hallucinations were a result of tainted toothpaste from one of Gunnerson's operatives... though a complete fabrication.  Sharon is given her "favor" from Adama, in the form of a quiet and solo stroll on the lawns about Cloud 9.  Aboard Galactica, Kara pins a photo of Boxey onto a wall where photos of the dead are placed.  However, on the Peacemaker, an acquaintance of Boxey, the one who had taught him how to be a successful pickpocket and snoop, is wondering where he'd been all this time, when he suddenly shows up, claiming to have been wearing a metal plate under his shirt, when Freya shot him.  He then starts to contemplate why he's dreaming about stone carvings bleeding... and that's where the story ends.


-Boxey was a Cylon (no joke), and a copy of him was waiting somewhere on the Peacemaker, for Caprica Boxey to die so that it could take his place... which will also mean that he'll have to stay away from Galactica to avoid being seen.
-Roslin appears to have developed a temporary telepathic link with Hera Valerii.
-Cylons can tell when someone is lying to them (but I guess that doesn't include Doc Cottle, who would later lie to Sharon about Hera's death, or lack of speaking)
-Despite the flaws that are known to Adama, Tigh, and Roslin, Baltar's Cylon-detector is still in use
-Roslin is even more suspicious of Baltar than we were aware of as a result of her recollections in "Epiphanies".

Odd Tid-Bits

-There was a reference to "micons" as a measurement of time.  Likely that it was referring to some fraction of a second, rather than the metric-time substitute for seconds, as was in TOS.
-While attempting to quantify the possibility of a link between Roslin and Hera, it was suggested that the Cylons might have isolated what elements allegedly give some humans telepathic powers, and in fact incorporated it into their skin-job designs, and use it as the primary transmission means in their death-download-resurrection process.

Tmp2 / Book Synopsis "The Cylon's Secret"
« on: October 18, 2006, 04:49:15 AM »
Howdy All:

You may or may not be aware, that in addition to the novelisation of the pilot mini-series, there are currently 2 novels out based on the reimagined BSG universe.  The first, "The Cylon's Secret" was released in late August, while the second was released earlier this month, called "Saggitarius is Bleeding".  I'm not sure whether or not this community would choose to take the contents of these books as cannon, but it might be interesting to hear what happens.  Furthermore, a third book called "Unity" will be released April 3rd.  I'm presently in the middle of "Saggitarius", but I'll provide a synopsis once I'm done.

"The Cylon's Secret"

It's 20 years after the Armistice.  William Adama is Colonel and 1st officer of Gallactica, while Tigh is 3rd officer, a Captain, and I believe the LSO.  The Galactica is investingating several of the border worlds that exist outside of the 12 colonies, that were the sites of mining opperations, small settlements, and science labs, before the war.

At the same time, a market has arisen for ships that plunder these sites for anything useful.  They call themselves rescue ships, but in effect they're just raiders.  A young Tom Zarek has signed on with such a ship, the cruiser Lightning, in order to get some fast cash and get away from his former life with wealthy and somewhat stuck-up parents who are disappointed with his choices in life (note, that this is before Zarek's life of terrorism).  The crew is mostly criminals and low-lifes.  Their ship's next destination planet, triggers an automated Quarentine message, which they take as old enough not to pose a threat and head on in with hopes of grabing whatever might be there.  They find a research lab which is still opperating and the head doctor invites them down, hoping to get word from home and reestablish ties with the colonies.

The Lab in fact contains only 4 humans.  There were more before, but some accident killed most of them off.  The remainder of the population are "companions", which are Cylons.  Before the war, a group of Cylon robots were set to this lab in an attempt to restructure their programing, so see if humans and Cylons could live and work together as equals.  When the war began (though before actual fighting took place), the Cylon control computers in the colonies sent out a message to all forms of Cylons, ranging from household appliances to construction robots and of course soldiers, informing to stop serving humans and assemble themselves to start a new existance.  Combat occured later.  The Cylons at this facility were more autonamous and never recieved the signal.

The Lightning sends down a couple of recon vipers (MK.I) to make first contact, but they aren't notified about the Cylons.  I'm guessing that the doctor wanted to make sure that they didn't wipe out the lab from orbit, if they knew Cylons were there before landing.  Anyway, upon seeing the Cylon "companions", the pilots draw weapons, and the Companions open fire, inflicting serious injury.  The Lightning captain is understandably angry, but noone aboard, him included, know about the Cylon presence yet.  He then sends down another group to recover the pilots, including a shuttle and 2 Viper escorts.  He has Zarek lead the mission, since he's more educated and seems to be able to think on his feet than the bulk of the crew.  He's able to keep his composure when the Companions show up with the Doctor, but a miss-communication due to faulty equipment, results in one of the pilots not getting orders about keeping their weapons stowed, and comes out shooting, and of course more violence ensues.  Zarek manages to escape with the shuttle, along with another Viper, while one of the shuttle crew members manages to hide and escape.  However, before managing to return to the Lightning, they're intercepted by a massive dish-shaped ship, which blasts away the Viper.  Zarek manages to crash-land the shuttle and hide for a while.

Back at the Lab, the Companions managed to hide most of what happenned from the humans, except for a sneaky adolescent girl, the youngest of the humans.  She was watching from high above the faciliy, and saw both Zarek's shuttle crash, and the appearance of the Disk ship.  She's smart enough to keep this to herself.  The appearance of the disk ship, obviously a Cylon ship, forces the Lightning to withdraw.  Zarek's distress call prior to crash-landing, is picked up by Galactica, which responds quickly upon hearing the word "Cylon" in the message.  When the find the Lab, Galactica's databanks yield them info about the type of research being conducted, so they're not so immediately off-guard (or on-guard, I guess) when a landing party lead by Adama is sent down.  This time, no shooting.  While Adama and Tigh try to make sense of what's going on, the young girl manages to convince 2 of the viper pilots that escorted the shuttle down, to fly her in the shuttle out to where she saw the Lightning's shuttle go down, and where she'd snuck out to take a look earlier.  Unfortunately, they find that there are real Cylon warriors out patroling.  They manage to find Zarek but get ambushed by Cylons.  Zarek and the girl are separated, while the rest take the shuttle back, though they get tailed for a while by a Cylon-controled Viper.  The Companions later assist them in returning via river-craft to rescue Zarek and the girl.

In the meantime, the Cylon cap-ship shows up and demands that Adama shuttle over to their ship for a meeting.  It seems that they've been watching the lab themselves for some time, and have made a deal with the Companions to gain access to the results of their research, in exchange for keeping their presence a secret.  When Adama, Tigh, and the Doctor shuttle over to the Cylon ship (more on its class and specs later), they are guided to its control center, where they find that a human, a Chief that Adama knew from the war, has been chopped up and hooked up to a life support system (so he's just a head with tubes hooked up to him) to function as the ship's primary control system.  He wanted Adama to kill him both to disable the ship, and to end his miserable existance.  At that time however, the Lightning and several other raider ships jump in and assault the Cylon ship (the other ships are favors called in the the Lightning's captain), which the Cylons deal with quite easily.  During the battle however, the Doctor requests a tour, which the Cylons are eager to provide.  When he asks to return to the control center, he succeeds in cutting the Chief's artery tubes, before the Cylons kill him.  Unfortunately, the end of the book reveals that the Cylons managed to save the Chief, so all this managed to do was temporarily disable the ship, so Adama and Tigh can escape, and to the Galactica and reinforcements that arrive, can force the Cylons into retreat.

In the end, the companions shut themselves down, since the remaining human residents are returning to the colonies, and they don't want to be considered a Cylon acquisistion.  The human residents, along with Zarek, are given big cash settlements to keep quiet about the whole incident, and its implied that Zarek will use these funds to start off his new career, in terrorism, though they never actually say the last part.  The Galactica's CO, and Admiral, says that this is his final voyage before retiring, and he's listed Adama as his choice to take over afterwards.

The Cylon ship type is listed as a Dreadnaught, 3 of which had been built prior to the war.  They're listed as being about 10 to 12 times the size of a Battlestar, and were the largest war machines the Colonies ever produced.  They're mostly run by Cylons, but they were designed to have a human command staff.  When the revolt occured, they still needed that human element to control the ship, hence wiring a human brain into the control center.  The ship was refurred to as "disk-shaped", but I don't recall any mention of the double-disking of the TOS Base-stars.  The design was described as outrageously over-sized, and more of a decadence than was needed.  Its external weapons were varied in type and the ship was well-protected from external assault, but its interrior was not designed to carry much in the way of combat Cylons, to deal with boarding parties.  During the war, it was believed that all 3 were destroyed.  One was taken out by the combined effort of several battestars, while the second was self-destructed by the Cylons, when a boarding party (led by Tigh) was threatening to take the ship.  Tigh would refuse to discuss it afterards, as towards the center of the ship their party could hear human cries for resue from the Cylons, and for the maries to kill them (the voices).  It mentally scared him and the rest of the boarding party from that point, since they couldn't understand what they were hearing.  Its eventually revealed that they were keeping the ship going by bodging together several human brains into the control system, and the voices heard were theirs.  The 3rd Dreadnaught was last seen on fire and plumetting towards a star, so it was believed destroyed.  The ship encountered in this book is in fact the 3rd dreadnaught.  The Dreadnaught class also carries loads of Vipers, but its likely that they pre-date the MK1 vipers form the war, and were designed with Cylons in mind.  The Flying-wing raiders were either a separate design, created after these dreadnaughts were launched, or were entirely Cylon-designed and manufactured.

Tmp2 / More on Possible Move to NBC
« on: October 18, 2006, 03:34:01 AM »

Tmp2 / My Colonial Origins Theory
« on: September 30, 2006, 03:30:16 AM »
Forgive me if what I'm about to propose is already obvious to everyone else, but I haven't seen anyone post about this, so I'm gonna go out on a limb.

In BSG:TOS, the story was that all humans originated on Kobol, and then migrated to Earth and the 12 Colonies when Kobol's star became unstable, threatening the climate of the planet.  In TNS however, there seems to be evidence that something different happened.  Mainly in the Tomb of Athena holographic room, it was shown to Adama & Co. that the constellations as seen from Earth, matched up to similar stellar arrangements on the colonial flags.  This suggests that the inhabitants of Kobol had knowledge of Earth prior to the 13th trible departing for Earth.

My theory, is that all humans originated in fact on Earth, corroborated by fossil evidence of human evolution here.  Possibly to avoid an ecological disaster, a group of technoligically advanced humans (possibly from Atlantis, as a lame example) achieved some form of long-range, sustainable space-flight.  Either using generation starships or perhaps using some form of suspended animation, they journeyed into the stars and eventually reached Kobol, where they settled and flourished.  Following the events that led to Humans leaving Kobol, one of the tribes chose to return to Earth.

An interesting side-thought to this, would be the possiblity that the returning 13th tribe, never made it to Earth, hence no sudden influx of advanced technology from the returning humans.  Either they all died for one reason or another, or perhaps they settled on another habitable world.  The later could be either because of a navigational error, and they ended up settling on the wrong world, or perhaps they had some engine problems and managed to put down and settle there instead.  This could lead to a parallel of TOS' series of episodes dealing with Terra, which the Fleet again mistakes for Earth, but not everything adds up so they have to move on.   Another interesting twist on this could be arriving at said non-Earth planet where the 13th settled, only to discover that the Cylons hit it already, perhaps before the other 12 colonies.  The fleet would then find out about their true origins on Earth, as described in my theory, and chose to continue on to Earth, now knowing its true significance.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Ridicules?

Tmp2 / BSG Season 3 SPOILERS and "Caprica" Updates
« on: July 16, 2006, 01:44:50 AM »
Howdy all:

I found this while taking a long-overdue breeze through  It had an exerpt from a "Now Playing Magazine" interview with David Eick, BSG Executive Producer.  The interview plots out the first 11 eps, though vague in content, and indicates that S3 will be much like S2, in that there will be a mid-season finale, and a break, but not as long as last year's 3-month gap.  Read HERE for the full interview.

I also found out that on July 18th, during the premiere of a series on Sci-Fi called "Eureka" at 9pm, there will be a preview of BSG Season3.

Tmp2 / Cylon Jamming: Missiles This Time
« on: February 22, 2006, 03:55:27 AM »
I previously posted a thread about possibilities for how to simulate the ability of Cylon raiders to jam and shut down fighters and base-ships, including some that don't use simple event-triggered play-dead commands.  This time however, I'm here to discuss the Cylon missile jamming.  In Season 1 "The Hand of God", we observed Cylons jamming the guidance systems of missiles, throwing them off-course.  I was thinking about how to do this and I came up with 2 ideas.  One, would use the current countermeasure systems, enhanced thanks to PhReAk's SCP additions.  The countermeasure would have a high attraction rate, perhaps in both aspect and heat seeking.  It would have an invisible texture, so that it can't be seen, and be mounted as a weapon for some instellations and turrets, though I'm not sure how the turret AI deals with something like this.  The second option would require additional SCP enhancements.  It would require an actual jamming routine to be coded in, probably though Tertiary systems, should it ever be implimented.  Since something like this would be unlike anything we've got at the moment, I can't actually describe how it would work, so my vote's with option 1.

Tmp2 / Simulating Cylon Jamming
« on: January 17, 2006, 06:25:38 AM »
I was thinking about various methods the team might be able to use to simulate the Cylon fighter-jamming.  Now, the obvious method of simulating the engagement Boomer & Helo escaped from, would be with a timed change-ai-class sexp to switch all to none, or a "clear-goals", followed by add-goal, ai-play-dead, 89 event.  However, if you ever want to simulate it a little less selectively, create a beam weapon as a fighter primary.  Give it no beam glow, no beam texture, and no impact effect.  The beam looping sound would be the cylon eye sound.  The weapon would also have no hull dammage, but inflict heavy emp, esuck, and electronics dammage, as well as heavy subsystem dammage.  It would need to have a relatively short range, and be both rather wide, and have a negative attenuation, so it spreads out to encompasse the entire target.  It should also have a beam duration long enough to preminantly incappacitate (ie, full subsystem destruction) the target fighter, and a long fire-wait, so that it can't use it continuously.  It would also be useful to use the flag to make sure its only used on fighters, as the shut-down effect on cap-ships would be better suited via event.  Also, if you want some engagements that last a bit, don't load all the raiders with it.

Tmp2 / FireFly on BSG
« on: September 12, 2005, 03:15:52 AM »
This is weird, but I've got my suspicions.  Basically, I was re-watching my taped copy of the BSG mini-series and I noticed something.  In the scene when Rosalin is meeting with her doctor, who tells her about the cancer, just as the scene begins, you can see a few ships flying past in the window.  As the camera pans down, you can see one ship pass briefly through the extreme left side of the screen.  I watched it and re-watched it, and confirmed, that it was a Firefly class transport, from the series by the same name!  I have a theory.  I noticed, the very first time I watched the mini-series, that the space shots are done in the same style as those in the Firefly series.  I could be wrong, but I think it might even be the same design team.  Instead of the usual, graceful, cinematic shots that most Sci-Fi series have, both these series have often poorly framed, zooming, out-of-focus images, as though someone was hanging outside with a camcorder filming it.  If this theory is correct, then perhaps the team added it in as a sort-of easter egg.  Take a look for yourself.

Tmp2 / BSG In Canada
« on: August 15, 2005, 03:33:45 PM »
Howdy All:

I just thought I'd pass on some info for my fellow Canadian BSG fans (... are there other Canadians here?) who AREN'T grabbing the eps off torrents.  According to, the Canadian space channel will start re-showing Season 1 starting in early October, but won't show season 2 until January 14th.

Just thought I'd pass on the info.


Tmp2 / Xena on Galactica (Spoilers)
« on: August 15, 2005, 03:00:46 AM »
More details HERE.

Tmp2 / Interesting S2 Report (MAJOR SEASON 2 SPOILER)
« on: July 09, 2005, 03:38:16 AM »
Howdy All:

I was just browsing by TrekWeb and I encountered an interesting report for S2.  I'll believe it when I see it, but as a hint, it has to do with a memorable 2-parter from the original series, and another example of character gender changes.  There is also a ST:TNG tie-in.

For those who can't say no to a spoiler, READ ABOUT IT HERE.


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