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Nukemod-Children of Shiva / balence discussion
« on: January 11, 2006, 06:53:49 PM »
i think ive come up with a system for balencing the mod. i looked at the damage per second of the subach hl7, the prom s and the kayser. i picked theese 3 weapons because they dont have any special abilities and because they are pretty much general purpose weapons.. i noticed that each one was 15% better than the one before it. based on this i have decided to use 4 or 5 different "levels" of 15% improvements in weapon power. starting from the caps of the prom s and going a couple levels past the kayser. there will be exceptions, the guns on the maelstrom for example, because that ship is purely anti-capitol in role. also gatlings have 6 sizes (7 if i do that orbital cannon for the succubus), 2 of which are ship specific (the garm for chimera and the jotun for the maelstrom), 1 is vasudan. the rest of the guns will be small (thrasher, phalanx), medium (asgard, heimdallr), and large (helvette and maybe another). for asthetic reasons a ship will only be able to carry a gatling in its size class. the only real time you get a choice in gatling guns, is with the small and medium cannons. the  heres an example of the levels as well as which ships will be available (theese are negotiable btw, in case you need a certain ship or weapon in an earlyer mission):

level 1: (helbat, chimera)
garm (chimera gun)

level 2: (seker, satyr, vulture)
vsb (vasudan gatling gun)
heimdallr (model needs texture)

level 3 (phoenix, nemesis, atlas, chaos, succubus)

level 4: (sepuelture, shagrath, apis)

level 5: (maelstrom, charlatan)
hypacs (the railgun)
jotun (needs gun model/reconverted maelstrom)

now those are all the primary weapons i havent tossed, i might make a few more though. i just did new effects for the beams, non-gatling primary weapons, flak guns, and missile trails. seconday weapons will get the same makeover at some point, htl models and balence as well as more variety. if you really wanted a weapon ive pulled let me know, because i will make more primary guns after i get the current weapons in order.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / thinking about an early release
« on: January 02, 2006, 07:38:12 AM »
wel call it beta 1-point-5 or something. i want to release it because, its running stable on the latest cvs build, want to sync up files with axem, and i want to get some people to check out this d3d env mapping bug to see if its only me thats getting it and if it has anything to do with the mod. my theory is that a hard reboot that occured when i was testing new features screwed up something with my d3d/vid card drivers. couple thigs i need to do though, gotta clean through my mod directory and remove dead and/or useless files. plus i got to make some new effects, the old ones are mostly indexed color and low res and i dont like them.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / model updates
« on: December 23, 2005, 01:53:58 PM »
i just upped the next batch of updated and improved models. couple cool features too. we got a major revision to the shagrath, the sepuelture has a cockpit. the rest are just texturing fixes and new vwep models. i didnt include tables cause mine are shot to hell. :D

known bugs:
chimera is too small
there is something funky going on with the satyr
both of those will need to be recompiled again
shagrath and sepuelture work like a charm, no further tweaking on them models
there was a glowmap goof on my part but i caught it before i mad the zip

after trying to simplify the mod  for most of the day, i gave up and went back to the original mod directory and fixed bugs untill the game sorta runs. its now working within reason on a current cvs build. with the exception of that eror message about not being able to finda model, and it not saying which one.

turns out the chimera is just the right size, its the gatling guns that are too big. i might make a special gun just for it, perhaps the phalanx will look right.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / model status
« on: November 26, 2005, 02:13:45 PM »
im gonna list the status of all ship models and perhaps eventually weapons models that will be in the mod to save space im using a secret code to give detailed specs about where the models are in development. the code is progressive, starting with model development, then surface development, then optimisations for performance. not every ship needs to have everything listed.

hp - has hi poly model, if a model has anything other than this, a complete or partial upgrade is likely and thus any other codes are highly subject to change
om - has outdated model that may be upgraded
cu - cheap upgrade, means i upgraded the model but its not up to par
og - old, but good enough to avoid upgrading for now
nd - not done, work in progress and not yet in the game
rg - requires new geometry, subobjects, turrets, ect

t,g,s - has texture, glowmap, spec/env map
sg - smoothgrouped
ot - textures optimised for htl
or - optimisation required, usually in the form of a texture merge/bake
ti - ship requires tiles, which makes all the above texture codes more complicated, so texture codes after thes refer to any tiles of my creation, details about any tiles created by v or the scp are ommited

game optimisation / submodels
lod - has lods, i doubt you will see this on the list any time soon
de - has debrits
tu - has working turrets
bg - known to have bad geometry (people, test things)
ngs, ogs - new/old gun system, ogs means the ships gatling guns use the old subobject aproach, ngs uses vwep gatlings, if it doesnt have the code it doesnt use gatling guns

ragnorok - hp - t -tu
valhalla - hp - t - tu
phoenix - hp - t - tu
satyr - hp - t g s - tu ogs
rumrunner - hp - t g s or - tu
chimera - hp - t g s sg - ogs
shagrath - hp - t g s - ogs
dante - hp rg - ti t g s - tu
sepuelture - hp - t g s or - tu ogs
atlas - og - t g s
succubus - og - t g s - ogs
apis - og - t g s - tu ogs
nemesis - og - t g s - tu ogs
maestrom - og - t g s - tu ogs
chalatan - og - t g s
vulture - cu - t g s - tu ogs
hellbat - om - t g s - ngs
seker - om - t g s - ngs
chaos - om - t g s
pyre sentry - om - ti - tu
pirate asteroid base - nd

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / contemplating the phoenix problem
« on: November 08, 2005, 08:32:02 AM »
i was contemplating what to do about one of the more buggy models in nukemod, the phoenix. its texture is an ubly rip and its not very shapely an liiks abit flimsy in some areas, that and it likes to crash the game alot. so i thought what better way to fix a buggy semi-hi poly mmodel with a potentially buggyer higher poly one.

as you can see i added some much needed detail. the back end looks even cooler but im to lazy to post pics of a ships ass. this is just a teaser its actually 4 models, the wings are the same ones from the old modal and are just in there for showoffworthyness. i only modeled half the ship which i copied and mirrored also for show. il rin it through the mirror modeler after the wing is connected and the uvs mapped.

brings me to point 2, the wing. when i invisioned the phoenix, i did so with variable geometry in mind. unfortunately that was impossible at the time. now that it is possible (albeit crudely) im wondering if i should just go ahead and make a segmented wing which would unfold to a raptor wing configuration. now i can either do it by cutting up the old wong and try to keep its well curved layout (which would look pretty stupid unfolded). or i can do a more industrial less streamlined look. seeing this ship is alot more contoured than older versions im wondering how theat look would come out. so what does everyone think?

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / things to do (before beta 2)
« on: October 10, 2005, 03:00:04 PM »
this is just a reminder to me on what i need to do, il check them off as i finish them so it will give you an idea of whats going on. also feel free to make suggestions.

must do:

finish hi-poly ragnorok (75%) and valhalla (75%)
implement new gatling gun system and vwep (10%)
make vwep models (30%)
fix crash causing models (namely phoenix) (0%)
lods on all hi poly ships (anything over 5k polies will get at least 2 lods) (0%)
adress balence concerns (give super death guns to enemy) (0%)
hackishly fix spiecies related problems (2%)
beat quake 4 :D (%100)

might do:

ragnarok carrier varient (0%)
rumrunner optimisations (texture merge), better door animation, and other misc tweaks (0%)
hi-poly dante interor (0%)
revise older models (phoenix, chaos, seker) (0%)
pirate rearm vessel (0%)
cockpits (15%)
finish pirate base (30%)
pirate asteroids (0%)
pirate briefing icons (0%)
rework lower res textures (0%)
make interface models (5%)

want to do, but probibly wont:

proper path data (waiting for pcs 2, need autogen, lazy)
glowpoints on everything (waiting for pcs 2, need autogen, lazy)
soundtrack (remixed black metal)
make pirate skins for gtva fighters
pirate character models
squad logo support (pcs 2, cant get it to work under current version)

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / 3.6.7 compatability (report mod bugs here)
« on: September 26, 2005, 08:34:39 AM »
ok, now that 3.6.7 has come out im gonna start optimising nukemode for this scp release.  most of the features i wanted work withing this build  and features that do not will be removed untill a new offitial scp build comes out to support them. so please play the mod prerelease under this build and report anything out of the ordinary. focus primarily on ship model stability and make sure things render properly, ect. i will pic through the replys for this thread and paste bugs here for future reference to me and axem.

Known Bugs:
-goober style gatling guns no longer function
-GTF Pheonix crashes the game when on screen for an extended amount of time.
-Anyone calling a support ship causes a crash if you're a pirate.
-AI controlled PF Hellbat won't fire its gattling guns.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / high poly ragnorok/valhalla
« on: June 08, 2005, 01:19:55 AM »

im also gonna do a new texsture from scratch, instead of using the mutilated fenris maps its uing now. its gonna use one large texture so htl will run better with it.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / still bsing around
« on: May 31, 2005, 12:00:07 PM »

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / screwing around (with another engine)
« on: May 10, 2005, 09:45:46 AM »


its really funny watching this thing try to dock

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / im jacking up the fire rates again
« on: May 03, 2005, 03:34:09 AM »
im making all the gatling guns even more realistic by making them fire faster. they will all be between 1000 spm all the way up to 7500 spm. each gun's fire rate is bassed on calibur and number of barels. low calibur (<50mm) 3 bareled guns willl will fire between 1500-2400 spm, higher caliburs (>=50mm) will be slower 1000-1500. the 6 barrel phalanx will be full 7500 spm (thats 125 rounds/sec). and the 7 barrel 200mm will be around 4000 spm.


i dont know its just cool to use realistic values, ripped straight from the general dynamics web page. also its fun :D

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / news
« on: April 26, 2005, 08:03:15 PM »
i worked of a few vwep models for the gatling guns. modeling/texturing is done. i still have to scale them properly and recompile the ships to be compatable with the new system. no screenies yet.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / Whats your framerate?
« on: February 14, 2005, 12:34:57 PM »
seeing as nothing in this mod has lods as of yet, im curious how this affects everyones performance.

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / Nukemod prerelease (download beta here)
« on: February 13, 2005, 11:02:45 AM »
bah, what good are screenshots when you can help beta test the mod.

go play and find many bugs

any current cvs or offitial build should work

axem's demo mission here

Nukemod-Children of Shiva / Behold, we have forum!
« on: February 11, 2005, 06:23:26 AM »
i got my hosting account now, i should be able to get a beta of r3 up sometime this month.

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