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Shadows of Lylat / StarFox fan suggestions and ideas
« on: October 22, 2006, 07:13:18 PM »
Flamewave> Quite well noticed! I'll check these sheets that I've been hacking from the cornerian database. Corrupted files, maybe... ;)

DaBrain> Thanks, but I still need to deepen the specs. It must fit the FS2 style as much as the Starfox one.

Shadows of Lylat / StarFox fan suggestions and ideas
« on: October 20, 2006, 09:09:58 PM »
Hi all,
I haven't posted since I've registered here, just the introduction post in the introduction topic...
But PMs aren't posted yet and now, I'm kind of part of the team, at the "concept art dept.". :P

Well, I've designed a Fighter during my Biology lesson this morning, a heavy one.
So, here is the Cornerian Crusader Class Heavy Starfichter, le CCHS-Mk.III.

It was designed and produced for the S&D (Seek & Destroy) 3rd CSF (Corneria Space Fleet) and espacially for the squadrons of the 41th KNIGHTS a division of Tactical Space Superiority.
Alone, it can intercept with ease a bomber-type ship or an other heavy starfighter. But it's major use, the Small and Medium Capital-class Ship Interception is made possible by a formation of several CCHS (typically 3 but 2 skilled pilots could have some close results...). Robust, quite agile, the CCHS-III was firstly a single-seater but the second and the third versions of the ship were built to let a second pilot have a seat and assist the first one.

The CCHS-III is powered by a double Zero-Point Energy Cell, providing an increased lifetime toward the starships which fit a fusion power core. Indeed, it can stabilize a great energy stream stability to the throttles, the gravometric sensor array and moreover, to the quite powerfully deflective shields.

The weaponary configuration wasn't drawn on that datasheet but reshearches are in progress to gather datas... ;)

General Discussion / Introduce Yourself (Newcomers)
« on: October 13, 2006, 04:32:04 PM »
My nickname is Psygonis, I'm 18, I'm studying Biology as a 2nd-year student and since I'm french, I do so in Paris.
I came along this forum as I heard about Shadows of Lylat, the fan-made Starfox MOD for FS2.
I hope that it will successfully been led to it's completion.

Concerning me, I'm a drawer of anthropomorphic characters on the net ( and the writer of the story in which they are (in french: It's based on the Starfox universe. I also usually draw various types of ships and weapons.

I think that's all for now... ;)
So have a nice day and ++,

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