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FreeSpace: Close-Quarters / Questions for the Developers 1.0
« on: September 18, 2005, 09:59:08 PM »
Dont worry DaBrain,

Me and Swamp talked about that already. We wanted to create the "feel" of Main Hall in FS2. Remember when your waiting at the main menu on the Terran Screen (Or Vasudan) you could see ships flying outside?

Well we want to create that effect, and we said we wouldn't stop till we had it :)

General Discussion / New RPG starting up, would anyone want to join?
« on: August 12, 2005, 01:17:34 PM »
Hey all,

A friend and I are starting up our first PBeM RPG together. Though he's run many for years and I've only played one or two in my life time. The basic layout is all IC discussion is done via a forum for the faction you control, the forum, known as the Galactic Senate, holds all the ambassadors for each faction.

Your empire starts with pre-defined stats and upon joining you are asked to create five characters for your faction, these will be used in RP's and such. While everything such as diplomacy and slander is done via the forum, every two weeks each faction is required to submit a turn sheet.

This turn sheet will have your faction orders on it, such as build X amount of ships, commence a certain Role-Play etc. Every two weeks when all turns are in, the game time advances one month.

Because of the nature of the game there is only seven empires open to players, though we plan to add more should we fill those slots. Though to understand the concepts might take sometime to learn, we hope that by blending both diplomacy and strategy together we can create a fun enviroment to play.

The website is located at:

If you're interested please say so.

Here is a bief back-story for the game:

In the year 2300, mankind discovered that by combining pure Hydrogen with a nuclear reaction the speed of light could be used. This sparked new interested in space flight as Humanity began to pump large amounts of money on the research and creation of colonization ships, mankind at last could begin it's manifest destiny of exploring and colonizing space.

During this time many star systems were found and colonies set-up on core planets. The Earth Goverment began to worry as many Humans left Sol for wonders beyond. What happend if the "Space Generation" return to conquer? The Humans who stayed in Sol began to pump more funds into fleet build-ups in order to protect itself. This marked the begining of a ten year "Cold War" between Sol and her outward colonies.

Even so the new goverments being created on the new worlds began to worry that Earth might attempt to retake the new colonies by force, so these new goverments to began to design, create and build warships in order to defend itself. For the first time in over 100 years it looked like Human was about to fight Human.

The style mate ended when a small fleet from Earth encounted a scouting fleet from the nearby system of Polaris. The Polaris fleet stated that Earth was trespassing, while the Earth fleet stated that the colonies were still apart of Earth and Sol. The fleets engaged each other and before long massive fleets roamed the stars between Earth and Polaris as a new war broke out between the Human factions.

In 2356 the war ended in a stale-mate. Neither side had the resources to continue, and the Polaris Empire began to fall apart as many of it's followers left to form their own empiers in different sectors of space. In order to avoid a new war between the factions, each goverment agreed to have constant diplomatic contact. To do this they all created what is now known as "The Galactic Senate". It is here were all diplomatic business is conducted.

During this time the new Earth Goverment now known as the "Earth Defense Forces" gained exclussive rights to mine and process raw Hydrogen for stardrives - no other goverment was allowed to do this and it was outlawed that any who tried would be badly punished.

And so the year is 2260, and how will your empire fare?

General Freespace / Fun FreeSpace Fanfic
« on: July 22, 2005, 12:04:29 PM »
Lol! Axem you have made a great story here. Keep it up, I cant wait for the next part. The insane captain of the Vengence is great!

Transcend / Updatery
« on: July 21, 2005, 07:56:53 PM »
So hows this going? I just finished playing Sync (Yes I only just got around to it) so I am interested in playing this, so any news you can provide would be great. :)

Tmp2 / Wonderous Idea...
« on: July 18, 2005, 07:55:37 PM »
Quote from: Freelancer
I just tried and sat down with the Source SDK and dont know whats up from down in the folders... hell i couldnt even change the Menu screen from Half Life 2 (u know the intro gui) to something else like Freespace Source or sumthin elaborate like that... I would have something simple for a menu like in CS Source, 2d etc...

im just thinking about it, i can make levels but tryin to get into the rest of the core of the engine is daunting, i dont even have visual studio to edit those dll's or whatever the hell it is the lame tutorials said to use....

i mean besides this, how hard would it be to just change the menu with custom title and splash screen (nothing fancy), load only 4 guns (Overwatch Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun, and RPG, ammo for these i just port from the old config list), make an Armor entity like the Item_SUIT (HEV suit entity) for the user and or NPC's so it has the HUD (health, ammo, etc.), shit even to customive the HUD?

Can i do any of this with Notepad (lol) and if so where do i find these sources?

Lol, You cant do any of that with notepad :p. Visit: for all information regarding Hammer. You can also ask me as I have mapped in HL2 Hammer since release :)

Also you are more than welcome to join the Hegemonia team as you seem very enthuseastic on the subject of a FS2 FPS - and we can use anyone who would be interested in helping. Providing it doesn't interfear with your duties here ;)

General Freespace / Fun FreeSpace Fanfic
« on: July 16, 2005, 09:26:31 PM »
:yes: As always a great job. Keep it up!

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Update!!!
« on: July 10, 2005, 06:13:53 PM »
Quote from: Nuclear
Note to DT staff: If you guys need some testing done, just give me a shout. I seem to have some spare time now. :)

At the moment we are taking the missions that are complete and editing them and changing them to SCP. Thanks for the offer, Nuclear, once the changing has done we'll  keep your offer in mind.

We decided to do the move to SCP so we could make cutscenes. :)

General Freespace / Fun FreeSpace Fanfic
« on: July 10, 2005, 05:06:40 PM »
LOL!! Keep it up, Axem. This is great stuff!  :nod:

General Freespace / Fun FreeSpace Fanfic
« on: July 04, 2005, 10:40:39 PM »
More! The masses demand more!

General Discussion / Back
« on: July 02, 2005, 10:10:30 PM »
Nothing happens in public, but alot happens in the Internals  :nod: . Welcome back, hope you had a good trip.

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Update!!!
« on: July 02, 2005, 09:39:59 AM »
As soon as Primus gets back so we can then sort a few things and and get stuff posted up :)

You'll also find out soon enough Goober why I've been moving a little slowly with this  :drevil:

General Freespace / Incoming FRED contest! Friendly configuration!
« on: June 24, 2005, 11:22:37 AM »
Done  :yes:

FreeSpace: Close-Quarters / What are your plans for gameplay?
« on: June 22, 2005, 12:03:14 PM »
We would be interested in having you on the team :)

I'll have your permission masks set up so you can view the internal.

GTI Rebellion / GTI Rebellion Campaign Hiring Thread
« on: June 21, 2005, 08:35:26 AM »
Nuclear, I'd be interested in giving your project a hand and FREDing for you.

FreeSpace: Close-Quarters / Questions for the Developers 1.0
« on: June 20, 2005, 09:29:21 PM »
Quote from: Slanker
And who is going to make all the animations for the shivans crawling on the walls? They'll be a bitch to make :D Not to mention all that zero-G & magnetic boots stuff...

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it; at the moment we are focusing on level design, weapons creation and then the Human characters. :)

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