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Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Are u guys Dead>?
« on: June 17, 2007, 05:38:33 PM »
Quote from: Syphe D. Mar;74675
:o That's nice to hear. :) Oh, by the way, when you said that there were 15 units on each side, does that include VS Mode or just the Campaign?

Campaign, we've not really discussed a VS mode (Multiplayer) yet. Right now were focusing on the campaign :)

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Are u guys Dead>?
« on: June 04, 2007, 07:00:56 PM »
Quote from: Star Dragon;73034
Saskues, this is a relatively new project. Please give them some time and since I have a better understanding than most "visitors" about how the process works, IMHO, don't start pestering Devs at least until a year or so goes by. People here are not 24/7 mod machines we all do our various projects as a hobby and around RL issues.

Most mods are built on an idea/concept that needs to be built and tested. Initially you might now know what works and what won't till you invest the time and energy to try it. Things often need to be tweaked or completely changed. On top of that who wants to post screenies, DL's of things that will be obsolete or a misrepresentation of what the mod will be like?

Immediate inquiries always show up in mod threads, so this isn't just directed at you but for any other new person who drops by and hopefully reads this. K? :D

This man knows his stuff. I've had some login issues that are now sorted, but in my absence the team has done -alot- of work. Shiv has made two weapons that I am in the process of trying out and adjusting slightly, missions are being made but right now place-holder FS2 ships are being used until models are fully complete.

So you may not see much posting here, yet, but there is plenty going on behind the scenes :)

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Questions
« on: April 03, 2007, 10:39:32 PM »
Cheers for that, he has done some great work! Hopefully, if he's willing to share his secrets or assist in anyway, close combat will be moved forwards from planning and testing to a reality.

New job has opened up, post updated. Seeking a ship modeller to assist our current modeller.

Hired. Internal access will be set up for you shortly, welcome aboard! :)

Quote from: shiv;60042
I can join you as a weapon designer.

Hi Shiv,

Could you post some examples of your work, please? :)

Two new openings now been added :)


We are seeking talented individuals to assist in the creation of this TC. While most of our staff is filled up, we do have a few openings. So if you feel you can contribute, leave a post here.

We are seeking help in the following areas:

*Sound Engineer Must be able to rip sounds from Gundam Seed episodes, also handle the related table files.

*TC Promoter Must be able to post news and information to TC forums etc that allow advertisements.

*GFX artist - We are seeking someone who is able to create GFX for the TC, ranging from explosions to backgrounds.

*Ship modeller - We are seeking someone who can assist the main modeller in ship designing and creation.

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Screenshots
« on: February 28, 2007, 07:44:15 PM »
Coming soon to a cinema near you...

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Questions
« on: February 28, 2007, 05:45:55 PM »
We'll be attempting this very thing shortly with the current in-game models and I'll update you when we have results, were aiming for something like that, though it depends if we can have full-flow combat with completely movement, or if we can only do a small amount of that.

It depends if FSOpen will allow thoses such of changes with the models, but we are attempting this :)

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Faction Information
« on: February 27, 2007, 11:26:25 PM »
ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty):

ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) is a political, economic, and military alliance of PLANT colonies. Specifically, ZAFT usually refers to the military side of organization. It was originally formed as a political organisation known as the Zodiac Alliance by Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala in C.E. 50, to peacefully fight for the rights and independence of Coordinators.  The Zodiac Alliance was renamed "ZAFT" in C.E. 65, but became a military organisation only three years later.

ZAFT is well-equipped with Nazca-class and Laurasia-class warships in space, Lesseps-class and Petrie-class vessels on land, and Vosgulov-class submarines at sea.

ZAFT fights the Earth Alliance to a standstill in the Bloody Valentine War of Cosmic Era 70-71. During mid CE 71 Patrick Zala, who blames all Naturals for the death of his wife in the Bloody Valentine incident, becomes leader of not only ZAFT but also of PLANT and effectively removes the moderate faction of the PLANT Supreme Council. Zala plans to wipe out all human life on Earth, eliminating, he believes, Naturals who are the cause of all warfare and establish Coordinators as the master race, a "new humanity".

Earth Alliance (OMNI):

OMNI Enforcer (Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion) is the military force of the Earth Alliance, and is also more commonly known as the Earth Forces. Unlike ZAFT, the military of OMNI Enforcer is tightly organized on a traditional model. Many top officers of OMNI Enforcer, mostly those from the Atlantic Federation (which dominates the Alliance after the disastrous Battle of JOSH-A) are also members of the Blue Cosmos anti-Coordinator group.

OMNI Enforcer's space fleet is large and well-equipped, though their warships are slightly outdated compared to ZAFT's powerful fleet. Their mobile weapons until the Battle of Porta Panama are primarily limited to the Moebius mobile armor, a distinctly outdated design. Five Moebius MAs are required, on average, to engage a single ZGMF-1017 GINN with any significant chance of victory. At and after Porta Panama, the Alliance quickly replaces the Moebius with the GAT-01 Strike Dagger and related mobile suit models, redressing the balance and turning the tide against ZAFT.

The Orb Union:

The Orb Union (also known as the United Emirates of Orb or Aube In the Del Rey manga) is a small Pacific island nation, located to the east of New Guinea which has a tradition of neutrality and thus is neutral in the war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. Orb's government consists of both an elected legislature and an aristocracy of five noble families (most notably the Athha, Sahaku, and Seiran families), and has a mixed population of both Naturals and Coordinators. Though small, Orb is both wealthy and militarily powerful, and the local arms maker Morgenroete, Inc. is one of the world's top producers of advanced weaponry. Orb also has, unusual for its small size, a considerable presence in space, including the space colony Heliopolis, the space fortress Ame-no-Mihashira ("Pillar of Heaven"), at least four powerful Izumo-class battleships, and the Kaguya mass driver located on Onogoro Island.

At the start of the Bloody Valentine War, the chief representative of Orb's government is Uzumi Nara Athha, who declares the nation's neutrality in the conflict. Despite this, the Sahaku family sponsors Morgenroete's efforts to assist the Atlantic Federation in the development of their mobile suit prototypes behind the backs of Representative Athha and the other representatives of Orb.

Unfortunately, the Earth Alliance does not respect that neutrality as the war progressed, and conquers Orb in CE 71, resulting in the death of Representative Athha and many high ranked politicians. Orb's remaining forces, including the Izumo-class battleship Kusanagi and the defecting Earth Alliance assault ship Archangel, escape to space under the command of his daughter Cagalli Yula Athha, and join forces with the stolen ZAFT warship Eternal to form the Three Ships Alliance, which would play a critical role during the end of the war.

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Questions
« on: February 27, 2007, 05:56:08 PM »
Please post your questions regarding the MOD here. Anything ranging from story, ships, plans etc :)

General Discussion / Help with a small program
« on: November 02, 2005, 08:04:49 PM »
Ok I am dabbling with learning C# and  want to make a program were I can calculate income tax. Here's what I got so far:

using System;

class CalculateTaxalculate
   static void Main()
      string inputSalary;
      double TaxNumber;
      double TaxSum;
      double Salary;

      Console.WriteLine("Please enter Salary");
      Salary = Console.Read();
      inputSalary = Convert.ToInt32(Salary);

      if (Salary > 23000)
         TaxSum = Salary * 0.22;
         Console.WriteLine("Your tax is ");

      if (Salary == 23000)
      TaxSum = Salary * 0.22;
      Console.WriteLine("Your tax is ");

      else if (Salary < 23000)
         TaxSum = Salary * 0.10;
         Console.Write("Your Tax is ");


      else if (Salary > 32000)
         TaxSum = Salary * 0.40;
         Console.Write("Your Tax is ");

      if (Salary < 0)
         Console.WriteLine("Invalid number, please try again");

      if (Salary > 100000)
         Console.WriteLine("Invalid number, please try again");

Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this or what I need to have? Many thanks :)

Gundam Seed: Wheels of Destiny. / Update!!!
« on: September 26, 2005, 09:36:25 PM »
Like Primus said:

We've been busy with other projects as well as real life (I'm in the process of finalising my wedding amoung other things) and I am also mainly focusing my FREDding time on the Wing Commander Saga as we are at about 98% until demo release.

However chapter one is fully FREDded, chapter two has three missions fully FREDDed and 10 others semi-done.

The other chapters are under construction (In terms of ship placements etc)

However, rather then release it as one big campaign, we'll be releasing it in chapters. :)

Chapter one will be the Antaries Federation campaign.
Chapter two will be the Hammer of Light campaign.
Chapter three will be the GTA campaign.
Chapter four a joint campaign.

News / the freespaceserver and hurricane Rita
« on: September 21, 2005, 09:54:19 PM »
Indeed. Be very careful, and I wish you all the best :)

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