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FS2NetD / Help - how to i get multiplayer going?
« on: April 01, 2006, 10:49:23 PM »

im new to fs2. i heard it was a good multiplayer space game. But I can't seem to get my fs2net to work even though I followed the instructions?

I have a full bitrrorent copy of fs2 and I have the 1.20 patch plus no cd patch.
I applied both of them.

Then I downloaded fs2net's launcher, fs2net's cfg file plus fs2net's fs2.exe file and applied them ad per th einsturctions in the faq. but then i get an fs2.exe error at the start and everything crashes.  I have even pinholed ports as suggested.

I also tried not using fs2net's fs2.exe but then no servers are seen even though i can see them on your website.

som equestions :-

1) Should I apply your fs2net multiplyer how-to to a installed game patyched to version 1.20 or unpatched?
2) Should I apply the nocd patch? Because it changes the fs2.exe file...
3) Should I be highlighting "PXO" and "Multig" in the options page for multiplayer or just one of them?
4) Is fs2net the only way to get multiplayer matching in fs2? PXO is totally dead and there are no other communities?
5) what is tom's build? is it v1.20? will it work for singleplayer or only multiplayer?

6) Last question for singleplayer game - I maxed out the Brightness option to 5.00 but everything is still too dark :/ I also maxe dout my CRT monitors brightness and ocntracts - still too dark. Anyone can suggest how to boost the Gamma? (I tried changing the reigistry value above 5.00 with regedit but it didnt stay at 10.00).

thanks if anyone can help...


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