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Tmp2 / Keeping things going
« on: June 16, 2009, 07:54:51 PM »
Hello,  i indeed a new player in this form. i have tested the demo and i realy have to say i like it. although some things should have been changed if posible like the grafics of jumping out.. (its not realy tough to do...) and maybe some more ships should have been added in the release.

as far as this forums servivablity is concerned, well i came by this forum becouse i was LOOKING for a BSG space combat simulator. that means other BSG fans will be looking fro it too.. however to increase cerculation and thus increase public awarness for this TC so that the creators get a move on and finish soneer rather than later, ass many of you should post links to this forum in other sience fiction forums.. or anywere else for that matter..

P.S: sorry for the poor spelling, not a native English speaker.

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