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Tmp2 / New Cylon Discovered From Exodus Pt1
« on: October 19, 2006, 01:09:30 AM »
Prevail over the food maia.  Mayan life is loaded 300 just yesterday. I
  believe in you as much as my gramma Tolea, though you do not know my
  fleet, I also want to say the cylon glitch is typical.  Cylon has not had a
  spark in this galaxy since doreds.  The real glitch is from mars winter,
  the old dave is a slave tracker now, and for 1 I have no Use for it. She
  is actually working on atlantis tho not well, if anyone wants to send food.
  The sims, jedis, and clodex could use home baked foods.  I am sending
  2,000 pies tomorrow, and usually on the 15th-20th each month.  Jedi
  population is only 40, and sim stars maybe 400.


Tmp2 / Realizing
« on: October 19, 2006, 12:56:00 AM »
The new team is upgrade.  Bortron and VIVotron will join the
  almos teams with a bigger grill.  The point is now changing daily, all team
  alert.  That is the package.  Any net tracket or cylontre shot can be
  entered at time cop this month.  The bigger is not better, there is some
   problem with otefax the central intelligence of the sylondel, the ancient
   for one thing it lost its cap.  A fuel initiative will be blacking out over
   300 americanza teams with coltek so they are upset like burgerkings.
   Get a life here with 3 phasel upgraders and full compliment.  The protection
   of galactica, balactica, (martian 2) is scheduled.  No new action is due
   to the number of precedent versus loses.  Your score up is 21,450 to 3.
   Also the network score an additional 24,430 to 3.  Though we took the
   losses they were all from sung station android.  G teams are leading a
   long range target initiative to support the moves as gAla and galaticam,
   continue to make repairs. God Bless the returnable sprites.:cool1:


Tech Support / some Questions
« on: October 19, 2006, 12:28:07 AM »
The good wrecks on telte netracing is avail. (CENSORED URL)
  If you need to get top rated sims, or live dock see the actual ncom between
  10 am and 6 pm.  Here is one line that runs, mod_:mv:[pxx]modmv_beamze
  DDS_Lite,DDS_obradar4202 I would enter this in the grain not in the
  active sequencer so you can see more choices, port 7805 command viwa 2.


Tmp2 / Target news zylerk 2100.
« on: October 19, 2006, 12:03:08 AM »
That is a nastasite, it is off limits to all but jumpgate worms.  This is
  a real life size warning, the netroids you see there become videan norg.
  We do not any longer have a norg leadership, and it's travels are now
  uncharted due to a mistake at Dave.  All this says is grow up, cylon practice, is futuristic, and is fertive in the wrong deck. Target practice is
  for a price, like theirs. So when shooting around in sims realize.;)

Mercenaries / ZORDON servers
« on: October 18, 2006, 11:48:44 PM »
There is one question that remains in the craw.  Are there mercenaries
   that want updates?  My proposition is the same as netrollex four, ok.
   If you need fuel say all my azzkizzin is oval,  or if you need infinite ammo
   say one for the monk e-me.  This is standard.  Otherwise please line up
   with your twin engine on, and your lasir red  - e  then I can see you bass
   masters in full.  All the requirements are listed in the locker below jag on
   the SS Slogan and it says  .  This is the code
   appo boy  to live width.  When you are a mech within the docketron
   servers I will be on you, under you , and width you so remember the
   other magic word is cranx has already HIT THAT.  You get complimentary
   hats for near misses.  Or not near misses.  Ore is readily available tho if
   I catch you it is one demerit and no coca cola for a month.  Also you
   will need ID, IF ANYone can mail me one it is SG 274 Beverly road,
   you know the rest.  SO this is partner bowling,  I have some good ideas.
      oRder with coffee or tea:  lasirs telex dentrons 3234 or 3200/3201
     strike   200 tank pound  or 2200 hahha   xentrons 4304  lasir sword onx
     strike phasar delete nellettre  planet size xactly  xray pistols mm4504
     strike mobius clam within one inch          xentroller 4650  200 redragger
     strike 2 square mile heads or beta          snojob  xray 11vitle
     strike xactly and similar                        gooodjob zray 1
     strike xactly anyways also                :p                    

      The full compliment is in your ship in your harbor in your azntv favorite.
       No cash is a bad example, I will loan, mind you up to 2 million francs.
     Percentage is ok, I ate many already.  This is at the disco club in heaven.
    That is not, there is where the returns get by me, 2 points for gladly.

Tmp2 / Send me questions, ideas,
« on: October 14, 2006, 11:31:06 PM »
As the conceptualist of geophysics HQ I have to say I am totally toeey
  on this call.  You recall the Kingdom of two e.  This song repeats at low
   volumes a chant that says in some part I am who wham, who dam,
   who cam, in Chinese who cam, who wam said together would be the
   royal curse that was chanted to create the colonial order.  This left
   dragon japan and dragon maaia on the coast of the pacificos.  Commands
   remember that the cost of returnables is proportianet to the net addition
   of an untrained recon.  Here is the actual clue,  duplications, sims, and
   designs of base in space must have safety points somewhere that Rose
   is satisfied with, or any one of her 91 sisters, next horticulture pllz. I
   happen to agree Da Vinci was onto this clue, tho the story is biblical.

Tmp2 / All postal servers in orbit
« on: October 14, 2006, 09:22:31 PM »
You all owe 1 firgee the best nite of euro life.  Listen, that was the
    NCOM, do you ever visit, leave your office, or build something moore than
    oldees topten.  What about say some top 100 with a free coloring page.
    New item.  Delivery boys u may not, tho in this case I need some results,
    delex 3000 is acting like you have corvettes up your sleeve, hmm dew u.

Freespace Campaigns / [COLOR=Red]CENSORED URL[/COLOR]
« on: October 11, 2006, 04:25:59 AM »
There are those possible tron net areas of new starfighters.  With the latest
 upgrade of 4000 namely the 4060eva there is a good shot at the worms in
  this next months campaign.  Join deledeck after its 4th clearance in the
 neptune campaign against 91 yonn.  This pirate left no one alive in the beta
  teams not even in the training schools.  A severe loss cannot be tolerated
  without capture, the eagle team jumpgate 20 offerred 4 stations for him and
 his crew chief Dionnia Vines a renegade with four strikes in the ATX server of
 1999.  He has also ravaged the score of phantoms and tank states of dunes
 in the krell empires.  Tho this area is not secure report it is a good reward.
  He shows on the sonars and screen lock as a greyhound maybe 2120 type.
  This is the screen moves with him to klingload then down to levels, to blue.
  All hawk team or sim directives will be rewarded via the ktron new maxite.
  This fuel will increase your strike, mobilities, identities return and solid pact.
  Form up is at 11 pm on most nites this month.:devel:

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