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Tmp2 / Daybreak part 2 SPOILERS
« on: March 21, 2009, 09:43:51 AM »
Well that was heartbreaking, amazing episode but just heartbreaking to see it all end.

I'm actually sitting here depressed now because of it.

The battle scenes were absolutely amazing but i was annoyed that the whole FTL distortion thing got ignored when the assult force jumped out the starboard landing and then when galactica jumped away, still was pretty amazing. and i was left open mouthed with awe at the centurians and marines fighting side by side.

I also liked the shots of the fleet arriving at new earth but i was kinda confused at it considering they found one that seemed to have the same continents.

The Adama/Roslin scenes were beautifully touching as well as the Kara/Anders moment where she said goodbye.

Good ending as well with heads Baltar and Six in New york and Hendrix on the radio (does this make Hendrix/Bob Dylan a cylon now) lol.

Questions that are unanswered...

Where did the second Starbuck come from and who is she really?

Explinations about Heads Baltar and Six?

And what the hell ever happened to that Gina cylon from season one, that annoys me to this day?

Why were the Flashbacks there?

I suppose you could put the first three down to angelic intervention but yeah.

Still all round amazing episode and cant wait for the longer cut on the DVD's.

Tmp2 / Merry Christmas
« on: December 25, 2008, 01:01:11 AM »
Merry Christmas from scotland, have a good time tomorow, take it easy, and have a happy hogmany in a weeks time,

Tmp2 / get to know each other
« on: December 11, 2008, 09:49:29 PM »
i'm starting this because for about 4 days no one posted anything and i think this place needs a jumpstart in activity, basically the fans and devs if they want just come here and post what they do in the real world, hobbies, updates to these if needed and pictures if you want, be as detailed or blunt as you like, just trying to get a bit more interaction between the fans

tradeing myspaces or other social networking would be good to, if you feel so inclined to trade msn's then i shoudlnt have to say that it's probably a better idea to do it over PM, so lets see where this goes, good hunting

i'll post mystuff if this actually starts up

Tmp2 / Sorry but i need a bit of help
« on: September 30, 2008, 01:18:36 PM »
i might have picked it up wrong but is free space 2 free ware now, and if so can someone tell me how to get it, thanks in advance.

Tmp2 / thoughts of a fan whose been here for over 2 years
« on: June 07, 2008, 12:46:08 AM »
i'm not a dev, just a fan thats been here for 2 years +. i'm not gonna say i've been here from the begining because i havent, i think the BTRL community started about a year before i joined up, most of the people complaining about the lack of updates and stuff havent been here that long, you probably dont remember stuff like how the game was leaked out origianlly and the team had to  take a good few steps back, but they never gave up, and they still havent, i'm not trying to start this whole elitest system of veterins against the newbies, this is afterall a comunity that is growing, which is excellent, but you have to understand, that the team is a non profit, non paid, group of fans doing something thats for fun, personal fulfillment and generally to make other fans happy,

the amount of blood sweat and tears poured into this is up to our eyeballs, and i have more respect for the dev team here than i could ever have for the halo team, strike that, more respect that i ahve for the metal gear solid dev team, and thats saying something considering i've been playing that since i was 3, and it's all because BTRL team are doing it for smetihng more than money,  thats why whenever i played BTRL when i had a system that worked i was in awe of it all,

the people asking for updates, leave the dev team alone, imagine you were giving up your spare time doing something that doesnt pay and can get tediously boring, i bet you wouldnt last half an hour before packing it in, it's not a crack at you, it's a fact, the dev team are still working and quite frankly all things with effort and man hours behind it, the devs are allowed to do whatever they please with this, whether it's shutting it down right now, keeping a lid on things, or just not wanting to waste time on it,

sorry if i'm coming accross as bitter or just a plain bastard but it's how i feel,  thats why i have a plea to all the fans out there that want some update or a patch with some sort of battlestar groups, raptors, missions and maps and general tihngs that defeat the purpose of this being in development,  but please

1.stop whineing, the devs are working, and doing a damm fucking fine job of it,

2. as the devs have said on countless occasions it's done when it's done

3. if/when the devs do release an update it's at their will, and their discression what to put in it,

4. if you are just are getting sick of waiting theres a little x on the top right of your window (top left red button for a mac) your more than welcome to leave, BTRl will continue, it will keep gatherine fans, and it will finish, but please  dont keep coming back demanding updates and goodies, it's gonna be the same answer every time, a screaming and unanimous no,

if your still reading thank you for your time and i only hope you take this to heart and understand that patience goes along way, it's like going on a journey to vacation, once your there its good, but theirs no feeling like the journey,

if your offended by this then stay offended, and i only hope this makes a difference, just a few thoughts of a fan

Tmp2 / Episode 9 speculation/discussion MAJOR SPOILERS
« on: June 02, 2008, 02:02:43 AM »
i found this today,

now correct me ifi'm worng but did it look to me like roslin was one on the final 5, and that adma was on a baseship

Tmp2 / desperately needing help
« on: April 10, 2008, 11:23:51 AM »
hey, not BTRL related but i've made a major FUBAR on my desktop, i was attempting to plug my hard drive in as it wasnt booting up prop[erly, and my friend had the smart idea to disconnect the power to that hard drive while it was still switched no, almost immdiately the computer powered down, and now i cant even boot up to the bios, the power button is just completely dead, and theres absolutely nothing i can do taht i know of, i'm on the laptop just now, does anyone know of a way to fix whats happened here?

thanks in advance for any info

General Discussion / for frak sake...
« on: February 18, 2008, 06:25:00 PM »
whats this whole new forum system where you can only read on thread before having to log in, i know it seems trivial but i come on here a lot and dont bother logging in, mainly due to how the forum doesnt let me stay logged in for long as soon as a i leave the board, is there anyway to fix this

Tmp2 / a new debate (Blind Jumps)
« on: January 14, 2008, 12:22:59 AM »
While watching razor this idea of blind jumps got me thinking, why is it so frowned upon to perform blind jumps, i was under the impression that space was relatively empty, infact in water tigh says 2space is a pretty desolate place when you get right down to it" or something like that, so thinking logically, would doing an uncalculated jump just add an extremily slim chance of jumping into something of conciquice, i mean yes, calculating jumps is handy for safety and going in the right direction, but at the end of the day, would ordeirng an emergency blind jump present THAT much of a risk?

happy debateing

Tmp2 / Graphics card advice
« on: October 27, 2007, 10:33:02 PM »
hi, right the other week my graphics card overloaded or something, completly knackered my lovely BTRL gaming machine, weeks of sadness followed, anyway tonight after deciding that i couldnt repair the card, my dad ordered me one ofr my christmas but said he's give it early, it's compatible with my computer and i understand what most of it means, but i'm a bit confuse,

can anyone here tell me what pipelines are, aparantly the card that i'm getting has 124, but i dunno what that means and this forum happens to be the only place i go to were people seem to know everythng about computers, thanks in adive for whatever you can tell me,

Tmp2 / it's done
« on: March 31, 2007, 07:36:03 PM »
as i'm downloading the demo for BTRL just now i would like to thank every single member of the team for such a tremoundous feat of acomplishment. i dont think anyone outside of the development team can truely understand what you guys have been through and all the metaphorical blood sweat and tears will make this demo all the more better. thank you so much, and i take my hat off to you all

Tmp2 / My new laptop
« on: March 19, 2007, 10:33:55 PM »
hi, sorry to bother you all but i'm cutious, i get a new alptop in augest and it's not to shabby in most repects, i'm just wondeirng if it will play BTRL,

1-4GB ram
and 256 graphics if i'm right,

the main thing that worrys it is that it comes with the queen of all bitches, vista, i know my home computer can take BTRL, i've been modifieing it myself but this laptop has me a little concerned, i know vista has had a lot of problems gaming wise bt i can easily get a copy of XP from "VERY LEGITIMATE FRIENDS".

thanks in advance for all advice and sorry to waste anyones time at such a critical point in the demos pregress, good work to the team.

with the success of my other thread "thigns you will never hear" i have decided to create another one to keep us all going till the demo gets realeased. well without further talk lets begin,

P.S i am considering another game thread but i dont wanna crowd the boards with these things so i'll just wait and see how this gets on,

1. that the fleet can have unlimited booze
2. that annoying minor chuildren chracters disapear within the first season,
3. that the battlestar pegasus was not desined to be a dodgeum (bumper car)
4. Boomer (the one cally pwned) has the worst taste in music
5. it's perfectily ok to pass fleet academy students if you thinks their cute.
6. Gaeta loves porn
7. that it's ok to put all of humanity and one of the last remaining colonial warships in danger just for 2 toaster lovers.
8. that twenty or more marines with full combat gear ang weaspons can definately fit inside a single raptor,
9. that callys hot,

an advert just cam eon half an hour ago advertising exodus pt1 for us all, what do they show for the Uk viewers, the shooting, space scene or te abstract things they've been showing for a while now. no. you know what they went and shown for the people that havent even seen exodus pt 1, the scene where the Battlestar valkyrie shoots down the stealth star, how fecking retarded can they get, sorry for my little rant but it just pissed me off and i feel really sorry for all the nice upstanding people that resisted the urge to get a torrent or a link or the file itself and watched season 3 by pirate to have it ruined this early on


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