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General Freespace / Build issues?
« on: March 27, 2006, 09:37:38 AM »
Ok, so, here's a little story for you. If you want to skip to the end to the actual point of this post, feel free, this is just context to explain my confusion.

I finally decied to re-install FS2 after getting back into the space groove via Homeworld 2, and all is good. Then I decide to check out the 1/2 remembered community upgrades. On the way, I discover Tom's build. I install that, and all is good, FS2 runs, and I'm happy.

Then I discover the SCP, and of course, my reaction is "shiney!". So I download 3.6.7 and the mediaVPs, and that works! All is good in the world, I'm playing FS2 with graphics that actully look like a modern game.

So then I start to think to myself, "hmmmm, if I get my friends together, we can do some multiplayer..." And after some tweaking, I get the multiplayer options running, but of course, I'm running the SCP, and get hacked tables. But they're in a MOD folder as Karajorma suggested, so I figure I'll try and run with the No Mod option, still hacked tables... Ok, so I'll try Tom's Build... hmmm... that crashed...

So I shrug, confused, but not all that bothered, what's a few hacked tables between friends? So I shrug and decide that I feel ready to try the 3.8 and CVS builds. They download fine, and install fine. but when I try and run them. Nothing. Not a sausage. Change the launcher back to the 3.6.7 and \mediavps, no problems, try any other build. Nothing. Oh well, I've got that Torrent downloaded, so I'll try that, after all, it's supposed to work straight out of the 'box' so to speak. Ok, that doesn't load either. Drop in the 3.6.7 files, fires up first time.

Tom's Build has stopped working on my setup, and while 3.6.7 runs perfectly, I can't get anyother build to even start. Do I need to have seperate installs? Last thing last night I removed my ATI drivers and installed the Omega drivers, which did make the openGL graphics much smoother (something screwy with the ATI colour depth in openGL, I never thought the Omega drivers would be so much better), will this make a difference to actually running the new builds? To be honest, I'm not all that bothered about Toms' build, but I justwanted to try and get some pilot stats up to avoid that 30 second delay!

General Freespace / Custom Squadron Decals?
« on: March 25, 2006, 08:57:56 PM »
Are these possible? I have created a 128x128 PCX file, and dropped it into the players\images folder of both FS2 and the Media VPs folder, in the assumption that it'd be selectable for my Multiplayer pilot.

But nothing shows up in the game, am I doing something wrong, or is this not possible?

FS2NetD / A few questions from a Newb (me)
« on: March 21, 2006, 10:42:06 AM »
Hi there,
I'm an old time Freespace player, but never played online. Having finally turned back to the stack of games to re-play, and fishing out FS2, I decided to dig around on the Interwebtron, and lo', to my surprise and delight, Freespace 2 SCP! I'm in the process of getting a Squadron together

So, I'll installed that, and it seems to be fine, but I'd really like to try some online gaming. Now, I understand that FS2Net is down at the mo', which would explain the failure to connect, but I've also seen rumblings about PXO being re-started.

Now, the main reasons for this post; is there a currently running game server; failing that, is there anyone how would be around and willing to fly with or against a GMT timezone newb? I would like to run the MediaVPs tables if possible, I've the installed 3.67 from the SCP homepage. Secondly, are there any other tips you SCP old hands have? If appropriate, I'll make a new thread for answers elsewhere.

Thanks in Advance

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