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Does anyone know how to get hold of freespace 2 ship models, its for a Freespace 2 themed map X-tr3m3r is making for eternal silence I offered to help him look for models here seem a good place to put a thread up.

The map is for a mod called eternal silence ships in game need to be models and these are hard to come by ones that would be useful are GTVA and NTF ships each side needs

a general purpose fighter
an interceptor
a bomber
a heavy fighter
and a gunship/ dropship the plan is to use the support ship for this as FS2 hasn't really got any good analogous to an ES gunship.

Also of course a capital ship for each side capable of holding all of the above in its hangar current plan is to make an Orion class for the NTF and the hectate for GTVA he has brush based versions of these but more ships could be helpful at some point but this is less urgent.

help his thread is here.,5554.0.html

the final result will look like this but with freespace ships, this is vanila eternal silence.

Mods if i'm in the wrong place I apologise

Edit: Freespace upgrade project has been sugested

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