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Shadows of Lylat / questions =/
« on: September 05, 2009, 04:11:06 PM »
yeah, i know.
questions wherever you look... or requests (if it isn't spam xP)

well i have some questions...

(my fingers are cold so i'll avoid long sentences)

1. the high end pack... will it be an option for the graphics?

2. the engine you're coding with is "Game Warden V3" ?

3. which language is supportet of this engine?

3.1 btw langauges - which languages will be supportet except english?

4. do you want to do more graphic options? (low, medium, high, high end pack)

5. are you going to include height maps? Bump mapping or Parallax or anything?

6. will SoL be online compatible?

6.1 if yes, are going to host alone on a server and the users are able to create rooms?

7. can SoL be played at a local network? (LAN)

hmm i think that's it so far...

i ask for these things because the langauges decide about the performance on the computers.

and height maps are looking better... maybe not this usefull if you're always flying but better as the textures would look bad...

so far.

mfg thiefbug (aka ratge but the email of the account thiefbug didn't arrive at my aol account)

edit: ok, ok sorry. i even saw the harlok test.
this means you are already using height maps (ah and i wanted to ask if you're using a editor...).
looks really good...

so with this test n 4 and 5 are solved.

btw the modell looks really awsome ^^ good job


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